Week of Thanks day 3 – I’m thankful for all my favorite little kids. I’m sure you know ALL about the three little blondes I love and the giant headed dark-haired baby that is my newest little niece. I pretty much involve them in every third conversation I have with someone, I feel like that’s appropriately cute without being annoying. Maybe it’s too much but I don’t really care, they make me laugh.

Today my brother, Tommy, came over with his sons, Grenning and Harrison. I haven’t seen them in two months so it was nice of him to bring them over to play before any hectic-ness of our fabulous Thanksgiving walk tradition – get excited for the recap of that later this week!

Anyway, Grenning (who is 3) kept talking about Saturday. We did this on Saturday and Saturday I cried and Saturday I went to school, and oh yes, I did that on Friday and Saturday. Tommy explained that Grenning is incorrectly practicing his days of the week, which is kind of adorable. It reminded me of when I was playing with Lutz’s 4-year-old daughter that explained that everything happened “last night.”

I love when kids are so silly and therefore point out the great, little things about life. Most of us don’t remember life before kindergarten, when we went to school, our first friends, holidays, it all starts there. Although we have vague memories from before that, we don’t remember our thought process, which sucks because the thought process of 3-5 year olds is the best one. They’re honest, they’re inventive, fun and silly. Plus, they don’t care what other people think. So, Madeline, Grenning, Harrison & Ava, when Auntie ‘Chelle is taking a million pictures of you and videoing you helping me bake, there’s a reason! I want you guys to see how awesome you were so you stay this way forever, ok thanks guys šŸ™‚ See you Thursday!