Week of Thanks Wednesday – I almost didn’t remember to write this, I had a pretty full day. Between trying to fit in a workout (Jillian Michaels 30 day shred), shower, thanksgiving prepping, dentist, last-minute grocery shopping and more prep which took longer than expected, I guess I’m not surprised it’s 11:30 already. But i did spend the day and last night being thankful for all the people I don’t think of/see on a regular basis.

Obviously I’m very close with my family and my friends, most of which I’ve known for over 10 years, but sometimes it’s those other people who really make your day. Last night I went to visit Westwood with Jacquie and spending time with her, also appreciating her driving me since I’m carless, the many co-workers that stopped by to see how my life was, the free shot from the bartender, the comped bill from my managers, the 15 minute talk with my GM, seeing how the place changed made me thankful for all of those people. Plus I woke up to messages from other co-workers and former ones that wanted to see me while I was in town.

That feeling on top of well-wishes from my dental hygienist, and my dentist,(not to mention the fact that they spent an hour plucking at my gums) and the woman that’s cut my mom’s hair since I was 9 when I bumped into her a the grocery store just made me feel liked, which is a great feeling and I hope I share that will all of my friends and family, but also those people who I’m not uber-close with, because just because we don’t see each other or talk a lot, I sill appreciate you in my life, so thanks!