Well a hair extension might, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

5 days seems like a really, really long time ago. Since then I celebrated Thanksgiving with all of my family, through our annual Thanksgiving walk where we take pictures at the same tree we have since I can remember. It’s very fun to have little kids on the walk with us. I remember being 15, 16, 17, etc and we still went and took the pictures, but it seemed more like a dutiful tradition then as opposed to now when I’m excited to run around the nature center chasing Madeline and Grenning.

Then we had our dinner with a smaller amount of us, but still fun and delicious. WAY too much food, as I recall telling my mom it would be. I think there are still leftovers in the fridge and freezer even after giving away half the turkey and stuffing. Oh well, my grandma always says, “if you don’t have leftovers, you didn’t have enough food.”

Then my mom and I went crazy-style midnight shopping on Thanksgiving/Black Friday. I wish the midnight thing would never have started for two reasons. First, unselfishly, I felt terrible for all of the employees that probably had to be at work no later than 10 pm. That sucks. Thanksgiving is a family holiday and you should at least get the full 24 hours to celebrate. And, #2, selfishly, I was irritated by the crowds. We’ve gone black friday shopping for at least 5 years and I understand it’s going to be crowded and messy, but never like this and I blame parents. The immense amount of kids ages 14-18 that were at Target and the mall was insane. You see, black friday should be a challenge: see if you can make it to the store at 4am and break through your turkey and wine coma, but with the midnight openings it was too easy and all of these kids were running around ruining my shopping holiday! I ended up still getting some amazing deals, Linda and Cynthia’s presents are worth at least twice what I paid, along with all of my nieces and nephews, and since this is the most important financial Christmas for me, these sales were really important, but I hated knowing that half the people there were just there because it was “cool.” And the employees need more sleep.

Moving on, oh wait, first I hope my mom posts about all of the comedy she remembers from Target, she tells that story better than I do. On to my mom. I never got to post my mom-thankful blog cuz I was having too much fun over the weekend. I’m beyond thankful for my mom, in as many ways as possible. I just pointed out that she went shopping with me on midnight of Thanksgiving, she also let me shoot three different Sweet Talk episodes in her kitchen, she bought me groceries to take back to LA – mostly cereal and brown rice – took me to the treatment center this morning, drove me all over Schaumburg this last week, and aside from all that I’m thankful that she’s here with us today.

There was one more important element to my trip home and that was to celebrate my mom being 5 years Pancreatic Cancer free. The actual anniversary is the first week of December, but my siblings and I wanted to celebrate this weekend and because Thanksgiving is hard for her, that is when she initially got sick. We celebrated Saturday night with purple chocolate covered pretzels, purple label-ed champagne, pizza, and a beautiful bracelet we gave her to member how amazing her story is. That is the perfect way to end my week of thanks, even if it’s a little late.

But hey, I’m still in Schaumburg until early Wednesday morning when I can be thankful for my mom again for waking up in the dark to drive me to the airport. And also thankful that I’ll be landing in 70 degree weather instead of 36!