But I know how to eat it: Christmas Eve mostaccioli sandwiches. 23.5 days and counting.

I know I’ve had a LOT going on in the last 6 months, but I still can’t believe it’s December already? Maybe it’s the palm trees.

I’m back in LA for three weeks, which sounds like a short amount of time, I know but logistically I’ve actually been making good decisions lately, let’s hope that continues. After a terrible flight yesterday morning, sitting next to Mr. Magoo, the movie was a documentary, and the turbulence made me feel like puking all over the floor, I made it back to the warm-ish temps of California. It probably benefitted me to go to cold for a bit because now 60 is warm to me.

So this is what I get to look forward to doing and/or hearing about this month:

Today I’m getting paid to be in Jay Leno’s audience, pretty pumped about that, also an excuse to wear my new yellow sweater I couldn’t leave black friday express without buying.

Michael’s tailgating extravaganza is Sunday, so I’m expecting a call from the famous RV

Elizabeth turns 25! I won’t be there but I promise to celebrate when I come home.

My parents are going to Hawaii for 4 days, sounds extreme, but I’ve done that before too. We are weird travelers.

I applied to be part of another baking project, so bags of Hershey Kisses & cookie mixes are on the way to our apartment, whoops. It’s more free baking though!

I get to work American Idol’s Hollywood week! I’m so excited to do some actual work, even if it’s crappy, it’s exciting.

Michael turns 27.

Right when I get home – Danielle’s birthday, always epic.

Then, you know, being home for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, the greatest days of all – filled with crazy families, cookies, mostaccioli sandwiches and gift-giving.

And then, in January when the midwest turns into a cornfield full of bloated, depressed, FREEZING people who want to sleep all day and do nothing, I get to come back here. Sounds like a good deal to me.

PS – my horoscope says today could be my lucky day, so happy December 1st to all of the Aries’ I know!