I mean she’s already amazing for writing this blog. And for being a crazy-motivated person since the day I met her, following her dreams but leaving room for editing them. (Total nerd-pun intended)

But now, she’s got a whole new role under her belt. Glamour magazine model.

Well kinda. She’s in the magazine’s January issue for her health and weight loss tactics, though if you read what she wrote, it’s almost the un-tactics that worked for her. I laughed when I read what she wrote, and more importantly the entire article she submitted which you can read here, because we always connected with our love of cookies and cardio machines. Now, though she’s all sorts of inspiring me all the time. I’m hoping our life paths keep seeming similarly, I’m just a few years behind and a gazillion miles to the left. Or West, if you’re gonna get technical.

My other note on this issue, literally, is that Glamour is my favorite magazine. You would expect my favorite mag to be bursting with brownie recipes and cake decorating tools, and I do love those, but as a magazine journalism degree holder, I also appreciate the articles and form of a magazine, and Glamour has it all. Granted yesterday was one of the most boring days I’ve had in a while, I would’ve spent the  hour or so reading the issue word for word, cover to cover anyways. It was a very well-written and entertaining January issue, despite the underwear-clad Kardashians. Put on some pants ladies, no one wears a sparkly half-buttoned cardigan and underwear to a party, unless maybe it’s Halloween.

What’s your favorite magazine?