la-la, la. la.

It’s weird to feel christmasy without snow, but I’m sure I’ll be fine. Mariah Carey’s Christmas album takes care of it.

We decorated our house Sunday and it looks so cute! One big multi-colored tree, my baby Walgreens tree and our green sticks tree fill our living room to the max but it’s a very nice festive homey feeling, which was a perfect end to a very roomie weekend, which I desperately needed. I think because I was home for so long I was trying to not think about the boredom/lack of income of LA and just enjoy being home, which I did but then I came back and BAM, I remembered. It’s hard to balance an appropriate amount of financial stress because yes, it’s necessary to be aware of the problem and attempt to fix it, but at the same time I was so stressed a few weeks ago that my lower level twisted tooth was in pain for about 6 days. I’m still dealing with that problem, but trying to push through. Anyway, you know I’m poor, so I’ll just tell you my happy thoughts.

1 – great roomie weekend included multiple movies after midnight ( know you like that alliteration there), going out to a karaoke bar, making a brunch buffet and colorful rice krispie treats on Sunday in between the decorating fun.

2 – getting paid to see Jay Leno live today, he was really nice and came out to talk to the audience and take pictures with people before the production began. The guests were Katherine Heigl, who I always liked even if other people don’t, a comic and Tai O Cruz, performing his new song. I love getting to experience any live or live-to-tape show so I was happy to be there and even happier knowing there is a new $20 in my wallet.

3 – Elizabeth’s sister, Nicki is having a baby girl! The whole world is pretty much excited for her šŸ™‚ She is one of the most loving and motherly people in the world and has been dreaming of this day for a little under 25 years, it’ll be 25 on Saturday to be exact. She’s had a rough time getting here, but it’s official. Yay!

4 – I have another post production PA interview Thursday, wish me luck, my bank account is really, really, hungry. But so is my brain, we’re getting bored up there. It’s definitely time for a challenge.

5 – And 5, my giant cookie exchange box came today! Read more about that here. God I love the sugar involved in December.

Happy Tuesday!