Whoa in the very best way.

I was actually 100% too busy to sit at my computer last week, which was phenomenal. I know my computer is my best friend, but guess what? I didn’t even miss it. Thank God I still know how to interact with real people. (That’s a joke by the way, not a very good one though).

Anyway, it was an awesome week. I worked on the set of American Idol for 5 days of the crazy Hollywood Week. I basically baby-sat the contestants in the holding room for four days, which was awesome and terrible at the same time. Each morning I was in charge of making sure they were quiet so that the cameras doing interviews around the room wouldn’t pick up the noise. That was the terrible part. One on hand I felt bad for all of the contestants, they were full of nerves and excitement. I mean this is their DREAM, and they were in a room with so many other people feeling the same way and I had to walk around carrying a “quiet” sign shushing them. On the other hand, they aren’t 7 years old. After one time of being told not to talk you’d think they would realize I was just going to continue to tell them. Plus they had no idea they were dealing with Super Ears Michelle. I could hear a whisper in a gym full of people and pick out the culprit. Even the guardian parents wouldn’t shut up.

Plus sleep deprived Michelle turns to Mean Michelle, she came out on the last day. I went up to one of the guys, sat next to him and said, “Listen, by now you know you have a deep voice. And it carries.” Then I got up and walked away. He apologized later.

That was the terrible part, the amazing part was everything else. How lucky was I to be in the same room with all of these kids (some actual kids, some probably older than me) that were on their way to living out their dream, which is a sense was why I was there too. Granted, being a PA on American Idol is not even close to my dream, it is way closer than I was 5 months ago, so that gives me hope that 5 months from now I can say the same thing. They were all so excited and ready to take on the world, plus amazingly talented. How many times is it your job to sit in a room where 60 amazing singers were crowded around a piano singing “Lean on Me.” And, I was in the room with whomever the winner will be, totally cool. It made me pretty excited to watch the season now that I met these guys, and also since I’m an editor nerd at heart I can’t wait to see how the editors create the stories from the days of footage.

Let’s be honest though, the best part is that when I get back from my Christmas stay here in IL there’s going to be a real paycheck in my mailbox. One that will cover my rent and most of my car payment for January, which was very necessary timing.

I also have an interview for an awesome position on January 4th and I’m hoping that I may be asked to come back to Idol when the show resumes next year.

And Steven Tyler smiled at me.

More to come from home the next two weeks – Ahh Christmas. yay!