I’m considering January the month of leftovers, but thankfully I’m not referring to food – we ate all that already.

What I’m talking about, for me at least, is that the month will be filled with leftover stories, pictures, recipes and posts from the holiday season that I just didn’t have time to talk about. Which is great, this means that I enjoyed the last two weeks I spent at home. It was filled with plenty of food, family and friends, which led to the unshared recipes and stories. So welcome to leftover month.

I’ll start with the story of Kelly’s car getting smashed by Snoop Dogg.

Ok, it wasn’t really Snoop, but the guy kinda looked like him. And, thankfully, her car wasn’t actually smashed. In fact, it was surprisingly only injured in the tire area, which still sucks because Snoop did not have insurance. Or, as he put it, it’s in his other car, which presumably was also a giant unmarked creep-o white van with a posse in it.

Let’s start from the beginning. Kelly and I are driving to her friend’s house for a New Year’s Eve party. We are about 10 minutes from our destination, on Dundee road, when all of the sudden I see this white van in the lane next to our and say to Kelly, “What is that guy doing? He is changing lanes into us!”

As I speak, his van sideswipes us and I scream bloody murder.

We are both fine, no air bags, no injuries. We are happy that the speed limit was 35 mph.

Kelly begins calling 911 and Snoop gets out of the creep-o van and tries telling her he wants to just exchange information. Sweet, polite, Kelly says “I’m not comfortable with that,” and begins telling the 911 operator that she’s unsure of much from Snoop because there “is a language barrier.” That’s why we love Kelly, she says things like “language barrier.” Though, I think that shows her occupation of a teacher at a crazy-style high school.

Anyway, so Kel is on the phone with 911, Snoop gets back in his car and we think he’s driving away, and Kelly turns the car back on as if she and I are going to follow Snoop & company and take them down. Which is really funny now, but at the time we were concerned. Turns out he was just moving out of the way, though I already wrote down his plates. Now a nice lady comes knocking on my window and says she and her husband witnessed the crash and it was totally Snoop’s fault, gave me her name and # and told us to give it to the police.

The police officer comes, asks if we are going to a sleepover because I have a pillow on my lap, which we were though, there was also three bottles of wine at my feet – hence the sleepover. He immediately tells us Snoop doesn’t have insurance, which sucks for Kelly, but that it wasn’t her fault at all and that we had a flat tire – which we don’t know how to fix.

To finish up the story, Kelly’s friends came and fixed the flat, Snoop got 4 tickets – no insurance, expired registration, a ticket for the accident AND that he wasn’t supposed to be driving at night! Needless to say we went right to the party, cheers-ed our shake-up away, rang in the new year and passed out.

I hope I never actually run in to Snoop Dogg, in addition to the fact that he’s always kinda freaked me out, now I’m mad at him for busting up Kelly’s little Honda.