I completely understand if you think blogs are self-indulgent. They are. They are an outlet for people to just word-vomit all over the internet about whatever they want.

When I write about desserts, there is at least kind of a reason, but this blog sometimes makes me feel dumb. Why do I feel the need to share the movies I watched on the treadmill, being super sweaty and getting in a New Year’s Eve car crash with Snoop?

Then I realize that I am super lucky to have a huge amount of friends and family that actually do care about the silliness in my everyday life, whether it’s self-indulgent or not. I cant honestly say that just yesterday I had about 8 people texting me asking about the job, facebook messages waiting to hear about my day, and of course calling my mom through my car speakers on the way home. I’m lucky that people care about me, and this is kind of the easiest way to fill people in on what’s happening. Yes, phone calls and emails/texts are more personal, but at least if the basics are out there then I can have those additional conversations asking about your lives 🙂

So that’s why I write, because I am INCREDIBLY lucky to have people that care about me.

And, well, cuz I think I’m funny and this is quite entertaining for me.