that is takes 21 days to change a habit? I mean that’s useful information, but it’s kind of daunting isn’t it? Almost a ga-gillion things can happen in 21 days, what I’m more interested in today is 7 days. Much more palpable.

It’s 7 days into the New Year, I think this is about the time your YMCA will clear out a little, people start buying cupcakes instead of carrots and those of us that made budget resolutions cave in to the shoes. Except you, Justine, I have faith you will succeed! Then you’ll buy the shoes.

So how are you all doing? I feel like this it the year I’ve been most invested in my own resolutions as well as my friends and family. This is most likely because I forced them all to come up with them, turn them into a food dish and go on video announcing their plans for 2012, but because of this I feel compelled to keep tabs on all of you.

I’m really glad that I made vague and positive resos because they’re much easier to keep, I think I’ve been doing a good job of getting out of my comfort zone and trying to be the best Michelle I can be. That one is my favorite because only I can decide how it’s going. I hope things are going well for you too, and just think in only 14 more short days (short cuz it’s winter) you will be on 21! And your habits will be changed.

Today’s leftover is related to my brunch, it’s about starting traditions. Most of us have our favorite things we do each year around a certain holiday or birthday or season. And this holiday season I came up with two fun ideas that I think will be new traditions.

First, our impromptu christmas cookie/canned goods exchange. Ok, it wasn’t the most successful event, but that was due to the impromptu-ness. Next year people will be knocking on the door to participate.

And second, is that New Year’s Eve brunch I mentioned above. It really was a fun event for everyone. Compared to the hectic-ness that is sometimes associated with the holiday season, it was really relaxed. Plus I loved that we had everyone from 0-60 in attendance toasting the new year. Plus, those of us with other plans still had time for them. Sure, there was a slight bump in the day, but I loved almost every minute.