I currently spend about 10-12 hours on my computer everyday, and yet I haven’t been posting so much. I blame it on my inner worry of getting in trouble – even though the travel coordinator I’m assisting told me I can play on facebook when I have nothing to do. Since I have a bit before I need to get ready to leave, let’s catch up.

You know that I am going to my 6 am bootcamp class – waking up at 5:30 is difficult, but I still like the class, it beats having to figure out how I want to workout for the day, it’s over at 7am, and I’m hoping it’ll do more for me than just running. Let’s be serious, than just running 1 mile and walking the rest while on the phone with my mom.

I’ve also been working again at American Idol as a travel PA, which is almost a too-good-to-be-true deal. I work from 10am-7pm (ish), on a $125/day rate, which is usually for a 12 hour day, there’s food, coffee, water, diet coke and the occasional birthday cake and jar of candy at my disposal. I bring my own computer, and either I’m so busy that the day flies by, or I get paid to order my contacts and play words with friends. Win-win-win situation going on. Plus, this was completely out of the blue. The travel guy – Brian – happened to call me the second day I was back asking if I was free to help. I’m still waiting to hear about the job I flew back to interview for, but so far so good, I’m still in the running. I’m hoping to find out about that this week and hoping, hoping, hoping that I get it because it’s job security for a year!

That’s pretty much what’s going on right now. I need to buy new shoes and get a car wash, but I mean whenever that happens it happens.

My leftover story today is about birthdays. Brian’s birthday was Tuesday and I gave him an adorable little square balloon on a stick and a “birthday story” about my mom running into the secretary from our elementary school who was excited to hear a “Collins story.” I explained to him and the office that I’m poor so my birthday presents are inventive this year. For example, my sister’s birthday was in October and I re-gifted her a brand-new wallet that I wasn’t really ever going to use that happened to be similar to something she was looking for. My brother Tommy is getting a pretty creative present this weekend, that cost me nothing, but Michael’s gift was by far my favorite. Remember when I was spending my days doing audience work? Well, one day on the set of The Doctors, in addition to getting my $20, we got the audience gift – the male version of the shake weight. Despite my love for exercise, I wasn’t planning on using it. But, I knew the perfect person who had a birthday coming up and a goal of shedding some lbs before a vacation in April. Boom – Michael’s birthday present. But the best part is I also gave him the bag of fried onion strips from my airplane salad – to teach him portion control, and half a bottle of energy vitamins that gave me a headache.

So until I become famous don’t expect to be rolling in expensive birthday presents – but you never know when I might re-gift you something awesome.