It’s too bad getting close to something doesn’t count that often. I mean, sure in a competition second place sometimes goes home with a small trophy or a consolation prize – such as a lifetime supply of razors (Modern Family), but even sometimes those run out.

But you know what second place doesn’t get? The job. Wah wah. Ok, that and my office candy supply raid are my consolation prizes for being told, “it was between you and one other person – he had more experience than you do.”

So I will move on. I’m still super, super lucky to be working at American Idol again, and now that can last a little longer – basically til they kick me out or I find something new. It’s better pay and very nice people here – plus they have pretzel m&m’s. And, Brian, made a really good point when I said that I was bummed but really still grateful because most people don’t encounter this many opportunities so fast, he said – “and look where you’re working.” Exactly. I may not be hosting the show, someday Ryan Seacrest – you better watch out, but I’m still working for quite possibly the number one show on TV.

Tomorrow is another day. I’ll take the bummed out candy raid over this time last year when my Friday afternoon consisted of preparing for a 30+ hour work weekend.