Does that title intrigue you? Did you think this might be a dramatic entry. It’s not, but that was my goal.

I tried “flipping the switch” today and I think it’s working so far. Yesterday I woke up exhausted, went to bootcamp and felt like a yuckfest. Because of this I didn’t do my hair – i.e., lion mane unruly and frizzy curls – wore jeans – you know how I feel about them – a slouchy shirt, and spent the day feeding my exhaustion with mini Hershey bars and pretzel M&Ms, and feeling bored and sorry for myself cuz poor Michelle had nothing to do but sit. And get paid $125 to do nothing. After realizing how much I hate “poor Michelle,” and that I was whiney and that I AM grateful for this position even if I get a little bored sometimes, I decided that I would be totally cliché and go forth with “tomorrow is another day.”

So today, I’m heading to the cliché cafe, with my switch flipping. And cuz my mom is visiting and she’s the Emperess of that cafe.

In spite of my less than perfect night of sleeping and my mom butt dialing me at 5:25, which resulted in me screaming “Who the hell is calling me!!!” while The Temptations sang “Can’t Get Next to You”, I still made it to my bootcamp, actually had a lot of fun there, washed, dried, straightened and glossed my hair, put on makeup and an actual outfit and made my way to work where I decided to catch up on Grey’s Anatomy and Last Man Standing while I wait for assignments. I also clichéd my way through, “what’s the worst that can happen,” by asking my supervisor if there was nothing left to do, if I could leave at 4 to avoid traffic and have dinner with my mom and Chrissy.

Wish granted. Clichés fulfilled and I am currently typing happily and eating lunch at a normal time, like 12 today instead of getting bored at 11 and walking to the kitchen. Yay me, happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!