Oops. I just had too much fun this weekend to write about it.

Which I do not apologize for. In fact, I hope every single weekend that comes my way is just as fun. Maybe a little more sleep, and a little less driving but other wise fantastic.

My mom and my cousin came to visit me Friday early afternoon, and since I left work early to meet them, we began our OA weekend that night. Bar hopping from our hotel – the Four Points Sheraton LAX – to the nearby Marriott. We ventured next door because our Happy Hour was kind of crappy, but we were happy when we left, the food, drinks and ambiance at the Marriott were fantastic. A meal complete with martini, strawberry mixed drinks, enormous and tiny salads, humus and vegetable, AMAZING and warm bread and butter AND olive oil. And free desserts. Unfortunately for me they were strawberries dipped in chocolate and peanuts, but the others enjoyed.

Back to our hotel and ready for crazy day Saturday.

We woke up to rain, which allowed me to use the fitness room before we headed out to a super yummy breakfast in Santa Monica. The Omelette Parlor was so good, inventive and adorable. It’s on Main street in SM and was so worth it. I would go back everyday. Then we walked around the area and Chrissy played stylist for me – something I will pay her to do someday!. We took a pit stop at the beach so she could flutter in the Pacific and then had to run for our tour of the Hollywood sign!

After that we had dinner at Obika, the mozzarella bar at the Century City mall. Amazing food — I had the grilled eggplant covered in sauce and melty mozzarella — crappy service. I was irritated about that. But we made up for it with whoa-baby-moist cake pops for the Vanilla bakery – famous from Food Network.

I know, this sounds like a food review post, but it’s because we ate a lot of amazingness. And it was OA weekend after all.

We headed back to the bar at our hotel that night and cocktailed the rest of the night. Chrissy was pretending she was in the Caribbean or something with her sunset cali drinks.

Sunday was my mom’s TWENTIETH time seeing Wicked. Have you seen anything 20 times? Maybe The Little Mermaid. Maybe.

She loved it, of course, and we went with her cousin, Diane and her two daughters. I saw the daughter from Desperate Housewives in the lobby and she looked snotty. Also I’m mad that my first casual celeb sighting was an 8-year old. Boo.

After the show we ventured to Long Beach to Parker’s Lighthouse to meet with my mom’s Aunt Lee – almost 92! — and her other cousin and his wife.

If you’ve never had a conversation with a 90-year-old. Find one. Do it.

She asked me where I was working. I said, “American Idol.” She said, “You’re a physical therapist?”

When I got loud enough for her to hear, she responded with “You’re the director?”

“No, an assistant.”

Love her and her plastic jewels.

I know that was over 500 words (because there’s a word count on WordPress) but that really is the clifnotes.

I laughed more at OA-ing, lying about food diseases, my husband the strawberry margarita gnome, which I keep spelling knome, and Julie/Cheryl malfunctioning than most people laugh in a month. Great weekend, can’t wait for my next guests!