does free chocolate taste better than chocolate you paid for?

That’s a dumb question. Duh. Because it’s free. I don’t have too much to say today, whoa, I know, that’s weird. Maybe it’s because my mouth is full of free Twix and Hershey miniatures. This is a January constant for me. Holidays are over and I try vehemently to stop eating crap and get back in shape. Physically – I’m rocking it at my sweaty sweaty boot camp session. Nutritionally… well, nutritionally, I am definitely getting all of my antioxidants possible. By that I mean, every berry, fruit, vegetable and twice as much chocolate as any human should consume. What can I say, I’m sweet.

Today I realized I need to bust it out and get my career on track. To do that I need to get some help. Unfortunately I know this will end up being pricey, but I need a talent agency and/or manager. I sent out ten or so emails to agencies today, while I chomp-ed on coco, and I’m hoping I will be sent in the right direction by someone.

Wish me luck.

Also, I need my haircut.