but I have come around a lot in the last decade.

We had a 90’s party recently and aside from the fact that Linda, Cynthia and I were able to dress ourselves completely out of our own closets, I was comforted in realizing that for almost that entire decade I wore giant jeans – by giant I mean Pipes or the equivalent – and big t-shirts. Usually my tees were cheerleading ones, but that doesn’t change the fact that I dressed like a bum. The only changes I made in Junior High was upgrading giant jeans for giant overalls. I hope that trend never comes back.

Now, although I would love to wear giant black yoga pants everyday (ok, I do wear them at some point everyday). I know that’s not really ok, especially since I’m trying to be in front of the world with my career, not in the back or at home wearing pjs. I really don’t know where I was going here, something about needing to buy new clothes and new shoes.

My transition was supposed to be better, but I’m kinda tired, so I’ll just make a messy one… someone who IS stylish is one of my favorite people on the planet – my dad’s sister, Auntie Roe.

She may not be twisting and turning on the dance floor like she was 30 years ago when she was a Tahitian dancer, but she is still fashion forward and always looking for a good shopping deal. Aside from that, and her love of shoes, I also love her because she’s a great role model for how to be a good person. Sure, she’s not perfect (even Abraham’s aren’t perfect sometimes) but she is genuine and caring and remembers the little things that are happening in everyone’s lives, which includes her husband, her 5 brothers and sisters, 14 nieces and nephews, and almost the same amount of great-nieces and great-nephews. She’s the best and today is her birthday. Plus, she sent me my favorite gift ever, my heart-shaped car charm when I bought my Fiesta. I mean, who gives a new car gift? Auntie Roe! 🙂

So even though I’m not stylish, I will always try to be and ALWAYS get a good deal thanks to her!


(also — she’s my #1 fan and blog reader, so I know she’ll get my bday wish!)