I have not been following my New Year’s resolutions.

Although I’ve dabbled into “getting out of my comfort zone” and “being the best Michelle,” I’ve also spent time sitting and wallowing in my comfort zone and being a boring, self-defeating Michelle. Enter February.

When I last left you I was going to my 6 am workouts and making money Monday – Friday. Awesome – very January-ish. Then the job ended, which is ok, I always knew it was temporary, and I’m still really thankful that I had that opportunity to learn and make some $$, but I also haven’t been to my class since Saturday.

Because, let’s be honest. Would you wake up at 5:30am if you had nothing to do all day? If it meant you’d be tired and crabby and not hang out with your roommates? No. You wouldn’t. Because as much as health and fitness is awesome, makes you feel better and truly is the best way to start your day, isolating yourself from your best friends and going to bed before 9pm for no reason isn’t. I promise. It makes you much, MUCH more self-pitying.

Enter my current state of ahhh, blah, wahh.

But, guess what? I’m planning to change all that in a bout 12 hours. February will be forever known as (for at least the next 29 days) as Move-On Month. I forget when I came up with this concept, but I coerced my roommates into participating by selling them on how much better our lives will be if we try to “move-on” from whatever is gloomy-izing us.

Between the three of us, we have nit-picking irritants across the board. Like I mentioned, I’m crabby about my career and my lack of motivation and money right now, and Cynthia and Linda have their own qualms to “move-on” from. It’s kinda like a refresher. And we need it and are ready to take over in February.

Wish us luck.