is the only thing that’s easy for me to balance.

And that’s just because math was my favorite part of school, well until all those pretend maths got involved. I’m talking about you: trigonometry and calculus… my only C ever.

Back to what I’m talking about, balance. Balancing is really difficult for most people, balancing time, money, health, family, friends, even actual physically balancing on a foot or a uni-cycle or something – pretty difficult. All of these things actually need to be worked on and you have to fail a few times (or more than a few times) to even start to make progress.

The worst thing about balance though, is that it’s everyone’s answers to your problems.

“I want to have more money in the bank… then you have to start balancing your income and your spending”

“I want to lose 10 pounds… then you need to balance your calories in and calories out”

“I want to get more accomplished during the day… then you have to balance your work and free time.”

Guess what? No one has balanced balancing, and now I’ve typed it too much.

Well, in case you didn’t get it yet, I need to work on balance.

I’ve been feeling like such a lost cause since my job ended, because I actually hate this much free time. Even if I wasn’t worried about my finances, my career, my future, etc, it’s still just too much free time. Which has resulted in me wasting time doing dumb things, spending too much money and being upset.

But because I really don’t believe in the art of balancing, I am falling back on what I do believe in and something I know I’m good at – setting and accomplishing goals. You all know I’m competitive, and whether my opponent is myself or someone else, I will do almost anything to “win.”

So here are my goals for the week:


Go to at least two job interviews (one is scheduled for Wednesday)

Spend no money unless we go to Costco (and to pay for my laundry)

Get more endorphins

Four goals is a good amount for a week, you do it too and let me know what your goals are. Also, thanks for bearing with me in this super boring post. Maybe I’ll run into a palm tree again or get in a car accident with a faux famous person again.