I will always advocate working out in the morning. The REAL morning. Like before the sun and the moon swap. This is because, as long as you wake up and go to the gym, you will workout harder than you would have later in the day.

This is due to the amazing theory that states, “Your mind is too tired to argue with your body.”

I may have made up that theory, but I’ve heard many versions of it before and I really do agree. I used to workout super early in college when I worked at Meredith Corp, and it was just so much easier to get up and do it then to think about it all day and eventually fight the war in your brain to go or not.

No, you don’t have that problem? Lucky you. I do. So as crazy as it seemed for me to get up at 5:30 today when my “things to do today” list consisted of: workout, do laundry, I still did it and enjoyed it.

I also enjoyed the 2-hour nap I took at 8am. It’s rainy here today anyway so it was that or bake cookies. Which I’m saving for Saturday, when I plan to make some super cute Valentine’s Day desserts.

The problem is that it’s 12:30, I already did my laundry and revamped my mom’s blog, and cleaned, and ate lunch. I feel like Ross. Which is why I’m not going to the bank until tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll just go have myself a mid-day FRIENDS marathon. That is never a problem or a brain fight.