smells like beer.

It used to smell like chicken when I brought home extra lunch food from Fear Factor. And something else in between but I just can’t remember what.

You see, as part of “move-on” month, I decided it would be an awesome idea to save all of our recyclables and make some money back from them. As a midwestern, nerdy, little girl, I always wanted to bring my cans and bottles to the states that paid you to recycle — and California gives you the most money back.

Now that I live here I realize that first, they charge you that CRV when you buy the item, so it’s not actually paying you to recycle but more-so making you pay if you don’t recycle, and second, it’s a big pain.

I suppose if we had a recycle bin that might help, or a can crusher, or a garage, but we don’t, so step 1 – I spent a week collecting glass and plastic in the corner of our kitchen. Ok, environmental friends look away… actually it took me about 5 minutes to walk around the apartment and fill two bags with stuff I could bring in… and then that was the weekend/week of roommate bonding, so there were a few added champagne bottles and beer cans in my stash, which brings me to the next, and most important problem:


I’m sure your first thought is, “Michelle, I know you’re geographically challenged, but really? You can’t find the recycle center?” The answer is yes. I can’t. First I went to Albertson’s where my roommates thought they’d seen one. Nope.

And not just a regular nope. A nope, I was walking around with three bags full of what can only be described as party remnants in the parking lot and in the store. Then my bag broke and a bottle flew to the ground. That wasn’t embarrassing at all.

So I returned to my car and threw everything in my trunk, because what else could I do? That was all last Saturday. Today I took matters into my computer. I googled the recycle centers and found two near my bank, which I also needed to visit (hopefully not for the last time). Found them, wrote down directions and put the address in my phone.

Then drove around for 30 minutes on the same street looking for them.

My phone just kept telling me I was 1 little minute away going south, then one minute away going north, then south again, then north. Then I gave up. I guess it’s my fault for trying something SOOO difficult, like finding an address for a recycle center. Though, in the eyes of whoever is up there, planning my life today, it was fitting that I was unsuccessful. Today resulted in two failed attempts at jobs, getting lost 3 times, gettings yelled at by a fellow driver, spending money I didn’t plan on or want to, and buying weird gum.

And now that my car has had beer cans, which were not as empty as I thought, in the trunk, my car smells like a bar. I don’t even drink beer.

Oh, well. At least I did my laundry yesterday and this morning I got my endorphins.