1 – Direct sunlight unbroken by cloud, esp. over a comparatively large area.

2 – Cheerfulness; happiness

I met some of my goals this week, others I failed at, but that’s life right? If you never failed, success wouldn’t feel so good.

I’m still feeling a little blah, but just a teeny bit because I’ve been pretending I’m on vacation.

Vacation? You might think, “Michelle, umm, I don’t want to be rude but you have no job and you live in Southern California, what could you possibly need a vacation from?”

Good point, and that’s exactly why I’m pretending to be on one. After unsuccessful interviews and a haircut I think it too short, I keep feeling crappy. My bank account is going down, I am bored, etc, so I’m vacationing from my thoughts everyday from 3-4pm.

Because that’s when we get direct sunlight in our “backyard.” Our backyard, or patio, could be described as a thin outdoor hallway where we have old patio furniture and my Papazon chair from junior high. So yesterday and today I’ve been vacationing outside. Daydreaming, fake sleeping, getting away from my best friend the computer and reading Sherri Shepard’s autobiography.

And due to this fake vacation, I’m much happier, have managed to get more accomplished with my best friend – update my LinkedIn profile, plan things, submit proposals, apply to jobs and schedule an exciting meeting for Tuesday that I’m really happy and hopeful about.

I mean, it helps that I picked to do this on 75+ degree days, especially when I know it’s snowing in IL, and also that my LA weather is turning a little bland starting tomorrow, but it’s a step in the right direction.