I haven’t written all week because I’ve been lying to my mom. Man, I’ve been lying more than I mean to lately, at least this time it was for a good reason.

After going to an awesome Valentine’s Improv show last night with Cynthia, I went to sleep for 4 hours and flew home this morning to surprise my mom for her birthday. Her actual bday isn’t until next week but she was planning on celebrating it with our family this weekend and was super sad that I told her I wasn’t coming.

Because originally I wasn’t coming. Until I didn’t get two jobs I had interviews for, realized my bootcamp ended yesterday and also realized that I’m a lucky person that can fly for next to nothing and I want to see my family, so I should.

I think I was trying not to come home because when I was in college I spent too many weekends here and not there, but that’s different. Back then I was missing silly dorm opportunities to make friends, plus I had money. Now, I’m missing seeing my family and also get free food for a week! Win-win.

I managed to completely surprise her by flying in today and having Danielle pick me up from the airport. I was waiting at home when she got home from her doctor appointment with my dad. Success, and she said it’s the best birthday present she could get. Which is great, because it’s free.

So now I’m tired but happy to be here for a while, even if it’s dingy and cold. Plus I get to make a cake.