“The moving walkway is now ending… please, look down. The moving walkway is now ending… please, look down.”

The walkway woman is on repeat in the United terminal at O’Hare airport as you walk from the C gates to the B gates (I think), but definitely as you walk from where I landed yesterday to baggage claim, which is where Danielle picked me up and where I’ve been picked up more times than most 24 year olds.

I mean, I haven’t surveyed anyone on that statistic, but I’m thinking I can put it out there with no argument.

Some people might find that “moving walkway” voice annoying, or repetitive, or maybe a few might think it’s unnecessary. I disagree.

It’s completely necessary. Obviously the airport doesn’t want children or silly people or nervous flyers forgetting to look down, duh. Mostly because the ceiling down there is filled with colorful changing lights and mirrors. I’m sure there are plenty of times I almost forgot that the walkway was “now ending”!

Anyway, the reason I’m writing about that area is because that is one of my favorite home-iest places in the whole world. Las Vegas might be my favorite city, the spot I’m sitting in right now on my L couch in Schaumburg might be my favorite seat, but that underground walkway is my favorite place. When I’m there I feel excited and happy, like my brain is comforted when I hear her voice, like I’m home.

It’s probably because I used to practice that woman’s tone and words all the time, whether I was at O’hare or not. Even though I now realize she’s probably a recording, when I was little I wanted her job. I could do it, I promise.

I also wanted to be a flight attendant, and I look down on them now that they don’t memorize the safety demonstration and just play the movie. C’mon people, I like when you show me my two closest exits may be behind me! I’m comforted when you tell me in case of a water landing, my seat cushion will act as a floatation device, and I need to know that in case of emergency lighting will guide me.

Sorry for the rant, I just still kinda want to be a flight attendant, but I would do the demo, sometimes you just have to see how to put the mask on yourself before assisting someone else.

Back to my question for you all: What’s your homey place that’s not at home?