You all know my friend Justine. I went to her wedding last year, we lived in a cubicle together, she’s famous, we never talk but always know what’s going on in each other’s lives, I want all of her success to hit me in its own form… I obviously can go on and on.

Well she posted this the other day and I’m copying. Aside from wanting to flatter her, I think my brainwaves are running hamster circles and just giving you short blurbs will help me, so thanks for reading.

1 – My dad sent me a $1 he found in the parking lot of Jewel to play the lottery. Very “Abraham” of us to do that and my whole world will benefit if I win something. I’m not kidding the excitement I would receive of just winning my $1 back the first time I tackled the CA lotto would last at least three days.

2 – Eva Longoria just re-tweeted me. I know, it’s so silly to be invigorated by that, but I am. I know it’s a huge possibility that she re-tweets everyone who compliments her Housewives performance (which by the way was really good, both comically and dramatically in the last episode), or that someone else is doing it for her, but I was feeling stressed and the little snippet of euphoria I got after the RT was the perfect cure.

3 – I bought a bag full of 180 pieces of Trident White gum today. I will be accepting more of these as early birthday presents gum immediately. I’m afraid having that many pieces on hand at once might mean trouble.

4 – I’m back at Fit Body Boot Camp for at least 2 weeks. Irma is awesome. In addition to being super sweet and encouraging, she was understanding when I told her I couldn’t afford her classes and saved a spot for me in the $6, 2 week President’s Day Sale.

5 – I’m 2 weeks into dessert-free lent. It’s not super terrible, but if you told me tomorrow was Easter, I’d be first in line for 1 bag of Godiva truffles and a giant bowl of chocolate therapy from Ben & Jerry’s.

6 – New internship is still going. It’s quite a load of work to throw yourself into, especially since I’m taking on an organizational role. But I’m confident in a few weeks I’ll be more comfortable. I’m sure I’ll still be stressed and I don’t know when I’ll ever feel like I belong in the fashion district, but I will be plugging away writing, editing and reporting.

7 – I feel like I had more to say but interestingly I think I’m done.

8 – I’m not done. I also want to mention all the deja vu and flashbacks I’ve been having lately. Maybe it’s because I’m so close to being 1/4 century old. 39 days.