No, I’m not tremendously popular, and no I don’t get spam texts. I just happen to be very text-y with my midwestern friends and family who don’t seem to do the whole time change math in the mornings.

I’m not complaining, I’m happy to wake up to messages.

Today’s was from my cousin Chrissy. You remember her from OA weekend.

Chrissy texted me this:

“Get your mega millions ticket yet?? … you have to and then when you win you can pay me a ton to be your stylist. And move me and my man/pugs to la.


Deal – of course. I’ve been waiting for Chrissy to be my stylist for ten years. Remember I’m in desperate need of style help most of the time, but this text made me think of what I would do with that kind of money. $500 something million ($300 million something after taxes).

I would absolutely pay off my car (and get it repaired) and all of my student loans. And never have to worry that after my rent and car payments this month, I have less than $150 to my name.

I would not have to start working part-time at the fancy hotel on my 25th birthday.

I would fly in all of my favorite people to celebrate my 25th birthday.

Pay for my grandparents house to be moved from Arkansas to Illinois.

Pay off my parent’s mortgage and reimburse them for my life. (which might be cutting it close to the end of my winnings).

But then I don’t now how my future would change. As I mentioned, I wouldn’t have to work for money, but I would still have the desire to follow my television dreams, so I’m not sure where I would live or what I would do next, though it would be pretty amazing if I could have to worry about that decision.

So I told my mom about Chrissy’s text and she made me laugh as she told me that my dad is already worrying about what till happen WHEN he wins all the money. I can just imagine his thoughts, “when we win the lotto, people are going to expect us to give really good gifts. I don’t want our kids to think they never have to work for anything. Should we get rid of the van? Maybe we shouldn’t tell the grandkids that we are rich…”

Oh Dad, the man who thinks LOL means Lots of Luck.

What would you do if you won? (after you shared some with me, since I made you think about buying a ticket…)

LOL (actually meaning lots of luck here)