So tomorrow is my birthday, and you know I’m a nerd so I don’t have to defend the next statement.

I always pay attention to the time on my birthday, and at 2:16pm (when I was born) I close my eyes and turn the next age. Do I do that tomorrow at 2:16 or at 12:16 since I was born in a different time zone? I know such a huge question, right? (Sarcasm)

I’ll probably just do it at both times and be certain I didn’t miss my minute.

I have such michelle-y plans tomorrow, first bootcamp, where my instructors are excited to celebrate a birthday. Luckily I’m only 25, because I heard they did a whole 40-rep day for someone recently.

Then, I’m super pumped because we are going to the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM! I know it’s silly to buy a $4 cupcake, but how can you possibly pass up the opportunity to stand in line in Beverly Hills to press buttons on a machine that serves cupcakes 24-hours a day. I mean, that’s like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Or at least something I’m glad I remembered I wanted to do before I venture back home next week.

Lastly we are going to the restaurant Cynthia works at in Santa Monica for drinks, and if they still have the Essence of Grapefruit martini we had the last time we were there, it will be a completely satisfying Michelle day.

FYI: Tomorrow is also the 100th anniversary of when the Titanic hit the iceberg (but it sank on the 15th) and also the  147th anniversary of when Lincoln got shot (died on the 15th), so be prepared for a possible problem on Sunday.