My best friend Elizabeth’s sister, Nicki, has been pregnant for the last 9 months, I know, that’s normal.

But I was thinking about that today and realized that since the time Nicki got pregnant, I decided to move across the country, lived here for almost 8 months and will be moved home. All before that baby is born. Weird.

Side note: I hope her baby comes soon and that it’s a very exciting day, and since Elizabeth is leaving to visit Saturday I hope they can all share the birth-day together!

So today is the day I’m heading back to Chicago, well we won’t be able to leave until the movers come between 4-6, so I guess tonight is the night we start driving. We are going the southern route, which takes an extra 2 hours, but really, we will be driving across the country for the second time in a year, so it makes sense to try a different path. And I know my dad is just as excited as he was last time just to say he did it. Glad I could make that happen for you.

I was feeling nervous the other day that I wanted to make sure I made the right decision. I actually stepped away from the computer and the phone and sat on the beach for the afternoon with my roommates and knew I did make the right one. Sure it’s great to spend the afternoon in the sun (minus the sunburn) but that’s because for the last week and a half all I’ve been doing is packing and going to boot camp, of course that’s fun for a while, but it’s not my everyday.

I’m excited to head back with new knowledge and experience, and I already have meetings next week, so my goal is to stay motivated and do it right this time, and at least when times get tough, which I know they will, I can remember some of the tougher things I’ve gotten through.

Or I can avoid the frustration for an afternoon and make cupcakes with Madeline.

I’ll say goodbye to California today, well actually depending on what time the movers come, we might still be in the state until tomorrow, but the point is I am happy to have been here and there will be no stopping my future visits, I mean it’d gonna get cold again in Chicago. At least I will always have a bootcamp to visit and two amazing people who I hope will always let me in their living room. Wouldn’t have made it this far or have been strong enough to realize I needed to make a change without my Linda and Cynthia. Miss you already.