Is actually really yummy. I always forget about it until, you know, I’m at a crappy hotel in the middle of New Mexico’s continental breakfast. Give those hearty flakes and fruit a revisit.

In other news, driving across country with my dad is like working the walkie talkie room on set. There’s no sleeping allowed, the days are long, with each day I get closer and closer to wearing my pajamas, glasses with no makeup, I have to wait awhile in between bathroom breaks and, thanks to new prospect roomie Eva, there’s craft services much too close to my seat! 😊

Justine, I feel you and your dirty ponytail, though I’ve also been rocking my red bedazzled cross LA hat for the last two days.

After an extensive Thursday filled with waiting, waiting and more waiting for the moving truck to arrive, we got a whole two hours out of LA. The positive of this was that it was 10pm, so we didn’t have to sit in any traffic. The negative is that I’m seriously concerned about my stuff arriving in 23 pieces.

We stayed in Barstow California at a Quality Inn, which I thought was pretty adorable, even though we only stayed there for 6 hours. The free breakfast was cool because it was at a restaurant. Then we spent the day through mountains and desert and only had one crabby incident.

Last night we stayed in tucumcari New Mexico at a Days Inn. The highlight was the orange I just ate.

We left at 6:40am and are debating the length of today. We have 16 hours of driving til home. Since we are all decked out in Chicago gear -dad in his Blackhawks polo (in case todays there last game of the season) and me in my cute auntie roe shirt (Chicago girls never out of the loop) and my everyday bears sweatshirt- I vote for going all the way.

Now entering Texas. See ya later y’all.