Remember a while ago I told you about the under eye serum that made me do a double-take? Yes that was me with the brighter eyes, well there are more products where that came from and today I want to tell you about the face moisturizer.

KiwiFox’s moisturizer is titled, the AquaSurge Age-Defying Moisturizer, and the site totes its amazing hydration abilities.

Sure, most moisturizers think they’re great and soft and smooth, but I’ve really only found that to be true with a few, one of which is this! The cream is thick and smells yumerific. And, well, it’s green, so that’s just much more fun than other moisturizers.

The cream has definitely upped my softness and since it smells so good, if I forget to put it on, I get reminded because my nose tells me it’s missing the deliciousness. I’ve had a lot of stress lately so I can’t comment on the cream’s ability to control breakouts but maybe in a few months I can. I hope so!

In other news, I’m back home and un-packed (well the Fiesta is un-packed, we are still waiting for the movers), and starting the next round of Michelle revamped. I’m updating my demo reel and perfecting my resume. I’m motivated but need ALL the encouragement and money luck that exists, send some my way if you can spare it!