Tuesday did me well today.

I got a part-time job, I got an audition and I finished re-editing my demo. It was pretty great, even with the setback of the dress I wanted to buy with my Target gift card (thanks, Amy!) didn’t look cute, it’s ok because I needed the $ to buy new black pants for my new job at The Improv in Schaumburg.

I’ll be serving there Thursday-Sunday nights and I’m hoping it’s a good decision. I feel like it will be. It’s a little more predictable than working at Westwood, the schedule is done 2 weeks in advance, and also the sections are bigger. Plus, I am hoping that having Mondays thru Wednesdays free will leave time for me to keep working on reporting and hosting.

As for the audition, it’s Saturday afternoon for a web news show in Lisle, I have to prep by being prepared with a 1 minute monologue about anything. I’m debating on how to prep for that. I mean, I could probably talk for a minute about almost anything, or at least talk about the fact that I don’t know something and why, so any suggestions would be appreciated.