Don’t you love when a huge piece or ear wax jumps out of your ear, or when the puss in a zit shoots out with a light tap?

I know what you want to say is, Michelle stop reminding me how gross you are, but really you’re thinking, yes, yes I do love those things. You know why? Because a minute problem in your immediate life has been wiped away, solved and put to sleep. Well that is unless you accidentally poked that Q-tip too far in your ear and now you’re deaf. Or your zit popped on a public mirror, ok I’ll get back to the point.

A small problem being solved is a great feeling. It’s relief, which is like the 3rd best emotion, and it gives hope that other problems have the potential to be solved as well.

I’m not actually experiencing too many problems right now but I’m just a little in limbo. I’m a creature of habit and love a schedule and I don’t have one so I’m a little lost. I started training for a new job last week but I’m not sure if I made the right decision, but I can’t act on my concern because I had an audition Saturday (after the PanCan walk) that if I get would force me to quit the new part-time because of the schedule conflict. Which I think I would be happy with, but then I would again be figuring out a part-time job. I know lots of mundane, boring information spinning circles in my mind leaving me a little sleepless.

So I’ll wait til I know what to do and instead be pleased when I find wax on my Q-tip. Or maybe something more fun like a free sample in my mailbox or my furniture actually arriving! At least I completed my 5-mile Monday, my favorite task when I’m plan-less, and I’ll chew a whole pack of gum.