which is super late for old-lady Michelle.

It’s because I’m back working at Westwood in my jeans and black shirt and I forgot how it felt to working past midnight on Mondays and Tuesdays! Both pretty good lucrative shifts though so I’m hoping the pattern continues. I’m pretty sure my Thursday I’ll be used to the hours again.

I quit the Improv after one training shift because I realized all the reasons why I thought working there would be a good idea were dumb. I thought having an 8 table section and only working 4 nights would be great, but actually that means fewer opportunities to work and those 8 tables don’t turn during a comedy show. Plus, one of my least favorite things is intentionally bothering people and when you have to see if someone wants anything while they’re watching the comedy show they paid to see, I felt like I was bothering them.

According to my mom I invited myself to work back at Westwood and told them when I was coming in, which is half true, but I’m happy to be in a place where I’m familiar with the menu, the facility and the people, it’s nice to have people say they’re happy to have you back, even if some of them might only be happy to have me there to pick up their shifts.

As for being home, I was super happy to go to my cousin’s wedding last weekend! I hadn’t been to a wedding with my brother Tommy since my sister got married 6 years ago so it was fun for all of us to be together, and since we’re such a big group, we get our own table – with our adopted Abraham’s for the night, Dan & Amanda. My dad was sad though, everyone else got to sit with their “people.” We all had a really great time despite me being so sweaty on the dance floor. Oh well, I love dance parties and margaritas so there was no amount of sweat that could stop me.

My furniture/clothes/boxes FINALLY arrived, so I’m in the process of cleaning that and drawing up plans for Madeline and Ava’s birthday desserts for next weekend. I’m thinking a Rapunzel cake but not quite sure what that entails. And possibly some “1” cookies for our little full-head-of-hair 1-year old.

I know, boring, but if you need more entertainment, read these. Happy Wednesday!