One skill I learned in LA was how to kill time when there was nothing to do and no money to spend – watch a movie. Whether we picked one out from our diverse collection, or rented one from RedBox (often for free, cuz you know I’m good at that) we watched a lot of movies and right now I want to watch one.

Now you may think, Michelle, just go watch a movie, but it’s not the same. I’m super strange (for a lot of reasons) because I don’t like watching movies alone. If there was something I really wanted to see and no one else did, I’m sure I would watch it, and also anything I’ve seen a million times – no problem – but for some reason I just don’t like watching movies for the first time alone. Probably because I have no one to talk to during it. Plus I only have 2 hours til I need to get ready for work, so not gonna happen today.

Any good recommendations for when I have someone to watch one with?