I know, it’s not appropriate to hate politics.

I should be well versed in what the country is about and what is going on at all times. I should be concerned with every aspect of the economy, the stock market, the structure of Capitalism and each individual political issue.

But I can’t. I blame my mom.

Just kidding, but she is sitting here as my grandpa is watching more FOX News saying, “how can you listen to this all day long?”

I can’t. I can watch one actual news show each day plus my morning shows, because I love them, Live with Kelly and The View and I get the gist of what’s going on in politics, and I think right now that’s ok.

I know some people may that’s not enough but politics give me a headache. Not because of my personal beliefs, I’m relatively clear in my personal political beliefs and where I stand on issues, but I am tired of listening to people argue.

We live in such a society of team D vs. team R and such stereotypical feelings from both ends of the others. Plus, if you know me, you know that I think presidential election terms aren’t long enough to get anything accomplished before it’s time to pay people for votes again.

It’s no fun when you (me) is team R mixed with D divided by R plus a little more D.

That is all about that.

For the rest of my day off (woo! who doesn’t love days off) I will send out resumes and demos, fold my laundry and most importantly, finish making spaghetti sauce from scratch with my grandma and bread from scratch with my grandpa. Italian dinner tonight! And my take on Westwood’s Banana Cream Pie for dessert. Yum – happy Tuesday.