Aside from the fact that I felt like I was gonna puke all day at work, I feel good about the list I’m making some dents in!

I had some weird stomach thing but fingers crossed that it’s gone. I came home from work and fell asleep, which always means somethings wrong with me, but I hope I knocked it out. I don’t really have time to be sick.

I’m slowly inching to cross off the “payback my parents” “lose 10 lbs” and “get a job” items. $100 to my mom after a Monday night at work is always good, I managed to stick to my new Pinterest workout plans and I’m going to start working at my Broadcasting school as a graduate assistant soon.

Also, I applied for a position I would be perfect for. It’s not exactly my dream job, but I’m actually qualified for it, and it’s with the Queen of Daytime TV. I really hope I get an interview.

I can’t cross those items off, but I do get to check-mark these two!

Baby-sit Grenning and Harrison


Sure there was block throwing and brother pushing, but hey they’re little guys. We had fun watching Monsters Inc., even though I had to reassure Grenning that I was not able to take my glasses off.

Buy this sweatshirt.


Yes, this may be the easiest thing to tackle, but hey, VS has free shipping right now, and it’s finally on sale. Double points for me.

Aside from that I won a $25 gift card to Amazon this morning – awesome.

I’m taking an hour to entertain myself with FRIENDS episodes on Nick at Night, which makes me feel so old. First of all, Nick at Night used to be Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke, and secondly, I’m old enough to be  FRIEND, yikes.

I love my favorite show, I miss them.

Also, in case you were wondering about the funniest (yet scary at the time) post I ever wrote, Snoop is finally paying Kelly, yay!