Enjoy the day at the racetrack

Racetrack day – done! And awesome!

I was lucky (yes, actually lucky) enough to have an amazing day in the sun this weekend, filled with fun people, frozen drinks, a caesar salad and winning $75! Those are pretty much the best things that could ever happen in one day.

I won money on four different races on Sunday including $38.60 on the final race, it was great. I had already parted with the money I was planning to spend on admission, drinks, food and gambling and the fact that I managed to win it all back could not have been more perfect. I’m still on a big budget but wanted to reward myself, ok forget that, I didn’t want to reward myself, I wanted to enjoy myself at one of my favorite places – and I did!

Aside from that awesomeness, I started as a grad assistant at broadcasting school today, I wish I could count that as my media interview or job, but I don’t think it does since they just called and asked me to work for them. Either way I said yes and I’m happy to be in the building with microphones and cameras a few hours a week. My fingers are crossed that this will get me closer to the “big girl job” I’m looking for.

The rest of my week is actually looking pretty good, movies tomorrow night with my mom (coupons of course), I’m getting my hair cut by a co-worker Thursday and I have a packed weekend with plans Friday, the first of Elizabeth’s bridal showers on Saturday and Father’s Day on Sunday.

Question of the day, per my favorite blogger, Justine, how many days can you go without washing your hair? I’m working on three right now… I think.