… I decided to run a half marathon in September.

Sure, I exercise on a (almost) daily basis and I once was a pretty avid runner, but I’m still pretty nervous about this challenge. However, I paid $78 to register, so I’m doing it. You know how I feel about wasting money.

This came about yesterday when I sent Tommy an email about a 5K on September 8th. He said he couldn’t do it because he’d be resting for the half marathon he’d decided to run the next day. I thought for a second and decided I would join him.

I really like having a plan in my life and since I’ve felt so lost in my planning recently (ok, for the last few years), I thought this might be a good way to fill my need. Plus, I really liked running when I was dedicated, so I hope to ignite that fire again. Maybe not exactly the same way, I was a little over-dedicated to the process, but this time I think it will be a successful endeavor. Plus, it’s giving me a fun way to bond with my brother.

The biggest struggle I’m going to face is running outside. I’m a treadmill girl. For me it means being able to catch up on my TV shows, take breaks to go to the bathroom, and roll right out of bed to the basement. At least it’s summer so TV is in re-runs and the weather has been beautiful.

I’m lucky enough to have two great friends who’ve recently run halves and tell me I can do it.

So starting next week I’ll be in training til September 9th and anyone is invited to run with me, especially on Saturday long runs!

I think I’ll make a bucket list before then so I can check it off.