that June is over in two days.

Honestly, I’ve been pretty busy, working at job 1, working at job 2, trying to obtain a job 3 to cancel out at least one of those first guys, and trying to finish crossing things off my list.

Let’s be really straight forward here, there are two items on that list that haven’t budge. Unless you count possibly going in the wrong direction, Lose 10 lbs and Unpack every box that’s still hanging out in the garage and then repack the things that can be repacked up, are not in the works.

Could they have been? Yes, well absolutely yes to the first one. I don’t have trouble losing weight because of timing, it’s because of consuming. I’m a great exerciser, which sucks, I envy people who don’t work out at all, cuz then they can just work out. Regardless, not a pity party, I have other things that I do well and that I have spent the time to focus and improve on this month, that just wasn’t one of them. Unfortunately, I really wanted it to be, so I’m just going to try again in July.

As for the unpacking, I could’ve gotten a bit done on that, but to have been able to completely cross that off my list would’ve been impossible. As mentioned above, I’ve actually been busy this month, and if and when I get to un and re-packing, I’d like to do a good job of it so that I don’t need to revisit the situation until I move again. Therefore that item will also be moved to the July to-do’s but with much less sadface emotion. There just wasn’t a good time.

What I can tell you about today is that I had a great time at both of Elizabeth’s bridal showers.

Go to Elizabeth’s Bridal Shower(s)

I initially didn’t think I would be able to make the first shower, but thanks to the bride herself, I got to spend the day at the most fun shower ever in Wisconsin at Patrick’s parents house. I mean, how many of you can actually say you’ve been to a shower that lasted until 3:30am? That’s what I thought. Only those of you who were at this one with me.

Patrick’s sister and mom did a great job country western-ing their house and celebrating the couple with a huge family BBQ. Sometimes it is really relaxing to attend an event where you know less than 5% of the other guests. There’s no pressure and it’s just fun. It also gave me time to hang out with Elizabeth more than I have recently have been able to and to give her my full bridesmaid’s attention, I only knew a few other people at the party so I was happy to help out.

Her bridal shower in Illinois was the following weekend and was also adorably decorated by some of my co-bridesmaids. Amy created a fun Newlywed game for them to play during presents and I made one of my cutest cakes ever. I also got to use my Pinterest recipe collection for an appetizer which I will Sweet Talk soon.

Both events were a fun way to celebrate one of my best buds and her favorite Packer-fan.

Even though I know this won’t be answered, if anyone knows who gave them the cardless fancy serving bowl, please let us know!