you were in debt to your parents for almost a year and then paid them off in a surprise triple paycheck day???

No, well I do! It was yesterday!!!

Finish paying back my parents the money I borrowed this year, and then start building my savings again!

I didn’t even know I was going to be able to cross that one off my list this month, but then, I did! Turns out between my check from ICB, my check from Westwood and a crazy expensive high school and junior high graduation party I worked last weekend, I was able to leave the last of my debt on the counter at 1:30am last night and toast myself with a glass of tequila sangria. I mean what else would you toast yourself with?

I’ve never been so excited to get to start from a $0 balance in my bank account.

This means that July gets to be about any and every thing else other than my finances. Yay.

Now off to check out my aunt’s new salon! Video coming soon to Encyclopedia Michelle!