Oops, it’s been a month. Honestly I’m in the same spot as I was in all elements of my life on July 3rd when I wrote about my awesome lotion. Sure things have happened, but I can’ fill you in on that now because I will definitely be late to work if I start type-rambling. What I do want to do is share Auntie Roe’s review of the KiwiFox moisturizer.

Spoiler: She loved it. I’m going to do my best to get her some more soon!

I love having contests and having the perfect person win! What else should I give away? Suggestions?

Here’s her great review:

Michelle, I am so glad I was the recipient of the AquaSurge Moisturizer! Yesterday being Saturday I took a few extra moments getting ready for bed, washing up and removing all makeup, tweezing my eyebrows and the most wonderful last step was applying just a dot or two of the moisturizer to my face. I am a huge fan of the fragrance and I don’t think my face has ever felt so soft and smooth! Even the little bit left on my hands after I applied it were softer! I applied it again this morning after a shower and the same results….kind of magical! A little goes a very long way and those are my favorite type of products. I have suffered with skin issues for more than half of a my life (which is a long time) and dryness has always been a problem. However, this particular moisturizer seems to absorb that dryness in no time. I can’t wait until tonight to apply it again! Auntie Roe