and I blame it on my low blood pressure.

I’ve always had low BP, but in the last two weeks my BP dropped from 100/60 something to 87/56. I know this because I have a giant (ok really small) white ball of something in my throat that I got checked out a few weeks ago, and yesterday I returned to see what was wrong with my bottom left jaw. Apparently nothing, though I disagree seeing that I was almost in tears at work yesterday and I had to hide all of my gum from myself today.

Regardless, I’ve decided to blame EVERYTHING that’s unfortunate in my recent life on my blood pressure. That just makes sense right?

Without going to any extreme details, here’s a partial list of my recent irritants, blaming them on those blood vessels.

What is with people e-mailing me about jobs and then not responding to my response? Do you not understand that I would LOVE to have a new job? That is just a mean joke.

I need a sweater that is not black. The temperature in the ICB building is temperamental, and I realized that my wardrobe can open up from the 8 rotating outfits I’m currently sporting, if I had some more sweaters. I will admit that today I did not match. I needed to swap out my black one for a burnt orange.

My treadmill is broken and causing me to shin split to the extreme. Yes, I know I’m supposed to run outside, but I don’t want to. I’m getting really tired of running for this half marathon and I’m convinced I might not finish. It’s the time commitment though, not the actual exercise. I used to run 3 miles everyday and I would probably be ok with that now, but anything over that means waking up much earlier than my brain enjoys. Plus I ran those 3 miles on the treadmill, inside, because I don’t like breathing outside – blood pressure for sure.

I need another haircut, but I don’t want one.

My bank account isn’t as full as I want.

Neither is my shoe collection.

I have water-proof eyeliner at the top of my upper eyelid.

That last one – super embarrassing.

So what do you want to blame on a completely unrelated element of your life??

I tried to take a positive spin on the day, but then I got dizzy and decided to just make it This Sucks Thursday.