I’ve been trying to not wear baggy black yoga pants, blouse-y tank tops and my LA hat in public anymore. Mostly because when I do, I realize I look like a slob, and also because my mom has reminded me that I’m not famous. The hat and glasses aren’t a necessary grocery store duo.

Now, if you know me, you know that I hate pants. They aren’t as comfortable, budget friendly or easy to find as they claim. I prefer dresses with or without leggings. Leggings in August? Yes, it is 69 degrees in the ICB building, and sitting on your butt all day doesn’t warm you up.

This clothing quandary has led me to wonder what the current attire rules are in the business world. I’m trying to think if I ever actually worked somewhere with a strict dress code, well somewhere where jeans, black gym shoes and a low-cut V neck black shirt isn’t part of that strict dress code, and I believe there might have been one when I worked at Meredith Corporation. I recall wearing a lot of skirts, dresses and black dress pants, but I feel like sweaters and jeans were staples too.

Why am I boring you with this information? This is a multi-part answer. First, I do actually plan on cleaning my closet out this fall and I’m curious what to keep from the “I never wear these clothes because I work in a bar” section of my closet. Second, even though I don’t have a whole lot of expendable money on me I like shopping and thus I think I should be buying clothes that I can wear to a job or as a normal Target shopper, in hopes of keeping my pjs for inside my house. Lastly, because I have two job interviews this week!

I’m excited so you can be too (mom, Auntie Roe, Kathy & Justine), but I’m trying not to get too pumped up in case I flop them both. One is today and the other is next Thursday, so I’m hoping to report good news tomorrow along with my official one day til Septemberfest excitement.

Side note: Pretty sure neither of these jobs would require fancy office clothes, but still no pjs. My one never worn, tag still on it, collared blouse and blazer can stay hanging in the back of my closet for now.