Update from yesterday’s post.

The first interview was a success! I got the job, or I suppose if you can pull off the word “gig” that’s what it is… I just have trouble believing I can use that one. I will be the narrator/on-air host of the River Trails Park District training video. Obviously nothing monumental or you know, actually on TV, but you know what? They’re paying me a pretty nice amount for a one day shoot and this will go down in Michelle history as the first time I’m actually getting paid to do exactly what I’ve been trying to do for the last year. Milestone.

Even bigger milestone – I went to Jewel in a dress with my hair done and make-up on. Ok, I was still dressed from the interview, but I still managed to conquer the fact that I usually put pajamas on the second I walk in my door.

Finally, just one measly day until my favorite fest! I do still have to get through work today, but then I get to go home, bake, mix Sangria, make Jell-o  and clean for the weekend.  There’s that 8 mile run Tommy and I are doing at 6 am tomorrow, but that means, in just about 22 hours, I will be in Septemberfest mode awaiting my nieces and nephews ride-riding mornings, Bingo afternoons and a weekend full of not having to leave my house at all. PLUS my friends and family come over. I don’t think you can ask for anything better than that, especially when the weekend is three days, not just two!

Important note to fest-ers: If hurricane remnants happen to pour down in Schaumburg this weekend, you still have to come over. Otherwise my dad and I will be sitting in the garage — me probably in pajamas, and he will be rotating Septemberfest shirts and wearing his bright pink hat —  watching the rain, eating all the cookies, brownies and muffins and drinking all of the pitchers of Sangria, wine, tequila,  a fridge full of Old Style and a Costco bottle of Captain Morgan by ourselves. I don’t think my mom would like that.

Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone with three questions:

1) What are your weekend plans?

2) What is your favorite weekend of the whole year?

3) And what is the best tradition you have that has transcended childhood and you might even love more as an adult?