what actually went in to running a half marathon.

I mean, I definitely understood the 13.1 mile part, and the 11 week training program. What I didn’t consider was the additional cost on race day, the element that running so many miles in the training process would amp my appetite so much that I’d start eating as much as a 300 lb man, and that the day of the race I would have to wake up at 3:30am. And then, you know run 13.1 miles at 7. But guess what? I survived!

I actually impressed myself with my time, 2 hours 38 minutes. It wasn’t speedy by any means, but you know what it wasn’t? Last place. I was seriously concerned that I was going to be in dead last of 20,000 people, and that an ambulance would be picking me up at mile 9. Instead I ran 8.5 miles without stopping, made a pit stop at the porta pottie because I had to pee and I decided that I earned it, and then I believe I walked a collective 12-15 minutes in 3 or 4 chunks. I was committed to trying to run the whole thing but then my knees starting acting like a 95-year-old lady and I knew that for the sake of the rest of my week, I needed to slow it down for a second. Still I’m happy to have finished and that my time was not embarrassing.

My brother managed to kick butt and finish in less than 2 hours – amazing. Maybe he’ll do this again. Me? Absolutely not. I am interested in a 10K this fall though, so invite me to join you!

On the other avenues of my life, I have interview #2 tomorrow for the Radio Shopping Show in Aurora. Wish me luck on being on time and getting the job.