is the best feeling. Especially when it was being right about important September yielding quasi-life changing events.  Had I only known I was going to have to wait until this month, I may have a had a much more carefree summer.

I managed to get both jobs I interviewed for recently which is great because they’re actually “career starter” jobs — that I’m getting paid for! Despite the length of my resume, this is the frist time I can actually say that my career has started. Three years after I expected. Which is why I always tell Justine that I “want to be her when I grow up,”  even though I’m a few months older than her, I take her life and add about three years 🙂

Back to the job. I’m starting next week at WBIG 1280AM as the 10am-1pm Radio Shopping Show host. It’s still part-time, and not financing any big purchases, but as I’ve told my friends and family. I could’ve started my career in a little town in southern Illinois or the middle of Indiana, working nights and weekends behind the scenes. Instead I get to work from 10-1 Monday-Friday, leaving my ample time to be a bridesmaid in three upcoming weddings and enjoy my friends and family – plus, work football season at Westwood. Mondays get a lot better in the fall.

Interesting timeline fact for today – September 14, 2011 is the afternoon I arrived in LA to my “new home” as my in-car GPS called it.

Although I’ll take September as a good month for me, I would appreciate if other months got on the bandwagon. Hear that October?