I think it’s important


to set lofty goals. If you aren’t challenging yourself, you won’t improve. That doesn’t mean you’ll be 100% successful, but it does mean you’ll be working in the right direction. Plus, sometimes just defining a goal or desire puts you in the right mindset.

On that note, I have 12 days left in June to complete my list. I’m about 98.999% sure I won’t be losing the 10 pounds I wanted to never see again, and I rather doubt the garage will be uber organized, but you know what, I have managed to cross a few important and fun things off the list and most importantly, I have a media job interview tomorrow!!!

In case you didn’t already know, this was kind of the most important item on the list. I was fearful that by moving back to Chicago, I would be taking a step back in my career. I learned a lot and made some career gains in LA and then landed home back in my jeans and work shirts and it made me nervous. Not that I’m not so incredibly thankful that Westwood let me come back, but I wanted it to be temporary. Now don’t worry that I’m getting ahead of myself, I’m not, because actually WW is only temporary right now. I started working as a Graduate Assistant at ICB 3 days a week, so I’m at 2 temp jobs and looking to swap them for a full-timer.

So I can cross this most important item off my list:

Get and go to at least one media job interview.

And guess what?? It’s at Harpo studios! You know, that little lady who turned herself into the Queen of Daytime TV and a huge media mogul? Oprah Winfrey! I only hope this is day 1 in my steps to my own TV path, maybe I can end up with Ellehicm studios.

No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Too German sounding. Maybe marinara studios.

Wish me luck!


In June


it’s going to be sunny and warm, and I’m going to go back to making monthly goals, because it’s my life and I want to get what I want to get out of it.

Back when I started month goals it was because I was frustrated with things and figured if I could meet any goals I set, then I’d feel awesomely accomplished. I was right.

Then things distracted me and I lost my oomph. I’m ready to get it back though. So here we go…

By June 30th I will:

Get and go to at least one media job interview.

Lose 10 lbs, you know because I lost them in October and then they decided they missed me and returned. Well guess what, there’s no room for you in my clothes and there’s not money in my pocket for new clothes, so aside from health and fitness this is a financial goal. Plus there’s really no excuse to not give yourself at least 20 minutes of sweatiness everyday, I mean really, it’s not a whole lot of time.

Finish paying back my parents the money I borrowed this year, and then start building my savings again!

Add three awesome entries to my latest experiment, Encyclopedia Michelle, suggestions are welcome.

Unpack every box that’s still hanging out in the garage and then repack the things that can be repacked up.

Clean out my closet.

Buy this sweatshirt.

Make sure that every week I do at least one thing that makes me super happy, whether that is getting a pedicure, going to the movies, having a great time at Erin’s surprise party (last night – check!) or reading a magazine outside

Just to pad my list with things I will absolutely do…

Baby-sit Grenning and Harrison

Go to Elizabeth’s Bridal Shower(s)

Enjoy the day at the racetrack

Long list, I know but guess what, it’s going to feel awesome to check everything off that list in 28 days.

So readers, I know you exist because my mom doesn’t click on each post 30+ times, you should make a June list too, even just two or three things that you really want to accomplish, do or enjoy this month. What do you have to lose?


Sidenote: when proofreading this I dropped salsa on my clothes, I’m going to add one more thing – try to stop getting food all over me (there was cake on the shirt I wore last night) because Michelle, you’re 25.

I slept til 10:30

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which is super late for old-lady Michelle.

It’s because I’m back working at Westwood in my jeans and black shirt and I forgot how it felt to working past midnight on Mondays and Tuesdays! Both pretty good lucrative shifts though so I’m hoping the pattern continues. I’m pretty sure my Thursday I’ll be used to the hours again.

I quit the Improv after one training shift because I realized all the reasons why I thought working there would be a good idea were dumb. I thought having an 8 table section and only working 4 nights would be great, but actually that means fewer opportunities to work and those 8 tables don’t turn during a comedy show. Plus, one of my least favorite things is intentionally bothering people and when you have to see if someone wants anything while they’re watching the comedy show they paid to see, I felt like I was bothering them.

According to my mom I invited myself to work back at Westwood and told them when I was coming in, which is half true, but I’m happy to be in a place where I’m familiar with the menu, the facility and the people, it’s nice to have people say they’re happy to have you back, even if some of them might only be happy to have me there to pick up their shifts.

As for being home, I was super happy to go to my cousin’s wedding last weekend! I hadn’t been to a wedding with my brother Tommy since my sister got married 6 years ago so it was fun for all of us to be together, and since we’re such a big group, we get our own table – with our adopted Abraham’s for the night, Dan & Amanda. My dad was sad though, everyone else got to sit with their “people.” We all had a really great time despite me being so sweaty on the dance floor. Oh well, I love dance parties and margaritas so there was no amount of sweat that could stop me.

My furniture/clothes/boxes FINALLY arrived, so I’m in the process of cleaning that and drawing up plans for Madeline and Ava’s birthday desserts for next weekend. I’m thinking a Rapunzel cake but not quite sure what that entails. And possibly some “1” cookies for our little full-head-of-hair 1-year old.

I know, boring, but if you need more entertainment, read these. Happy Wednesday!

Good Job, Tuesday

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Tuesday did me well today.

I got a part-time job, I got an audition and I finished re-editing my demo. It was pretty great, even with the setback of the dress I wanted to buy with my Target gift card (thanks, Amy!) didn’t look cute, it’s ok because I needed the $ to buy new black pants for my new job at The Improv in Schaumburg.

I’ll be serving there Thursday-Sunday nights and I’m hoping it’s a good decision. I feel like it will be. It’s a little more predictable than working at Westwood, the schedule is done 2 weeks in advance, and also the sections are bigger. Plus, I am hoping that having Mondays thru Wednesdays free will leave time for me to keep working on reporting and hosting.

As for the audition, it’s Saturday afternoon for a web news show in Lisle, I have to prep by being prepared with a 1 minute monologue about anything. I’m debating on how to prep for that. I mean, I could probably talk for a minute about almost anything, or at least talk about the fact that I don’t know something and why, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

I Like When Things Smell Yummy

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Remember a while ago I told you about the under eye serum that made me do a double-take? Yes that was me with the brighter eyes, well there are more products where that came from and today I want to tell you about the face moisturizer.

KiwiFox’s moisturizer is titled, the AquaSurge Age-Defying Moisturizer, and the site totes its amazing hydration abilities.

Sure, most moisturizers think they’re great and soft and smooth, but I’ve really only found that to be true with a few, one of which is this! The cream is thick and smells yumerific. And, well, it’s green, so that’s just much more fun than other moisturizers.

The cream has definitely upped my softness and since it smells so good, if I forget to put it on, I get reminded because my nose tells me it’s missing the deliciousness. I’ve had a lot of stress lately so I can’t comment on the cream’s ability to control breakouts but maybe in a few months I can. I hope so!

In other news, I’m back home and un-packed (well the Fiesta is un-packed, we are still waiting for the movers), and starting the next round of Michelle revamped. I’m updating my demo reel and perfecting my resume. I’m motivated but need ALL the encouragement and money luck that exists, send some my way if you can spare it!

Raisin Bran


Is actually really yummy. I always forget about it until, you know, I’m at a crappy hotel in the middle of New Mexico’s continental breakfast. Give those hearty flakes and fruit a revisit.

In other news, driving across country with my dad is like working the walkie talkie room on set. There’s no sleeping allowed, the days are long, with each day I get closer and closer to wearing my pajamas, glasses with no makeup, I have to wait awhile in between bathroom breaks and, thanks to new prospect roomie Eva, there’s craft services much too close to my seat! 😊

Justine, I feel you and your dirty ponytail, though I’ve also been rocking my red bedazzled cross LA hat for the last two days.

After an extensive Thursday filled with waiting, waiting and more waiting for the moving truck to arrive, we got a whole two hours out of LA. The positive of this was that it was 10pm, so we didn’t have to sit in any traffic. The negative is that I’m seriously concerned about my stuff arriving in 23 pieces.

We stayed in Barstow California at a Quality Inn, which I thought was pretty adorable, even though we only stayed there for 6 hours. The free breakfast was cool because it was at a restaurant. Then we spent the day through mountains and desert and only had one crabby incident.

Last night we stayed in tucumcari New Mexico at a Days Inn. The highlight was the orange I just ate.

We left at 6:40am and are debating the length of today. We have 16 hours of driving til home. Since we are all decked out in Chicago gear -dad in his Blackhawks polo (in case todays there last game of the season) and me in my cute auntie roe shirt (Chicago girls never out of the loop) and my everyday bears sweatshirt- I vote for going all the way.

Now entering Texas. See ya later y’all.

Pregnancies last a long time


My best friend Elizabeth’s sister, Nicki, has been pregnant for the last 9 months, I know, that’s normal.

But I was thinking about that today and realized that since the time Nicki got pregnant, I decided to move across the country, lived here for almost 8 months and will be moved home. All before that baby is born. Weird.

Side note: I hope her baby comes soon and that it’s a very exciting day, and since Elizabeth is leaving to visit Saturday I hope they can all share the birth-day together!

So today is the day I’m heading back to Chicago, well we won’t be able to leave until the movers come between 4-6, so I guess tonight is the night we start driving. We are going the southern route, which takes an extra 2 hours, but really, we will be driving across the country for the second time in a year, so it makes sense to try a different path. And I know my dad is just as excited as he was last time just to say he did it. Glad I could make that happen for you.

I was feeling nervous the other day that I wanted to make sure I made the right decision. I actually stepped away from the computer and the phone and sat on the beach for the afternoon with my roommates and knew I did make the right one. Sure it’s great to spend the afternoon in the sun (minus the sunburn) but that’s because for the last week and a half all I’ve been doing is packing and going to boot camp, of course that’s fun for a while, but it’s not my everyday.

I’m excited to head back with new knowledge and experience, and I already have meetings next week, so my goal is to stay motivated and do it right this time, and at least when times get tough, which I know they will, I can remember some of the tougher things I’ve gotten through.

Or I can avoid the frustration for an afternoon and make cupcakes with Madeline.

I’ll say goodbye to California today, well actually depending on what time the movers come, we might still be in the state until tomorrow, but the point is I am happy to have been here and there will be no stopping my future visits, I mean it’d gonna get cold again in Chicago. At least I will always have a bootcamp to visit and two amazing people who I hope will always let me in their living room. Wouldn’t have made it this far or have been strong enough to realize I needed to make a change without my Linda and Cynthia. Miss you already.

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