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was my “last day at Westwood.” I know because I wrote in on my calendar, in my little brown q&a book and I planned it so that I would have ALL my stuff shipped by September 1st and, of course, before Septemberfest.

I’ll be there at 4:30.

Instead of being blah about it, I decided to laugh and be happy that they let me come back and make some money. I mean, remember that mind-clouding debt I had in April, well that’s gone, and my student loans are stepping their way out forbearance this month, so that ability to go to work and come home with money is appreciated.

Now, I had to do a little convincing myself to not be blah about that, but what I don’t need to convince myself is to be happy about the two interviews I have in my near future! Neither are the perfect job, but you know where they aren’t? Indiana. (By the way, that person never re-contacted me after asking me when I was available for a phone interview. Interesting.)

I’ll update you with those results/information at they occur, but until then I have two more things to type your way.

1) Check out your Daily Herald’s Food section tomorrow, Wednesday August 29th, for my cheesy face potentially holding a jar of cinnamon sticks and cinnamon extract. I’m guessing the picture will be embarrassing, I’ll let you know tomorrow.

2) My favorite weekend of the year is upon us!!! Four days until Septemberfest! 

I lied, three things.

3) After looking for that fest link,  it looks like September is like my month for big changes.

2009 – Finally got a job after college – Westwood.

2010 – Realized I wanted to go back to school – ICB

2011 – Moved across the country – LA

I’m pretty anxious to fill in the blank after 2012 – ?????


You don’t actually hate pants


But I really hate jeans.

Whenever Justine posts about me, I feel like it’s really necessary to add more content. Even if most of what I’m going to say revolves around my hatred for jeans.

I hate jeans.

This is different from the cliché that people “hate pants.” No one hates all pants, it’s impossible. If that’s how you feel, you obviously  haven’t tried enormous sweatpants or christmas pajama shorts. I promise your mind will change about pants. But I, actually do hate jeans.

I’m still trying to decide if this is because I worked for 2 years at a restaurant where I wore jeans. And that in that 2 years, I think I had 3 pairs rip at the crotch due to those awesome 12+ hour shifts on Fridays and Saturdays.

On the other hand, I hate jeans because they don’t fit me. I can refer to a story from junior high when my dad asked me why I had to buy a bikini. I’m pretty sure I yelled at him and said, “If you wore a medium on top and an extra-large on the bottom, you’d have to buy a bikini too!” I’m not sure why, but I’ve always seemed to blame him for this disproportionate ratio.

But I’m really not just blaming my genes. (You like that – genes and jeans) You know, in your closet you always have a shirt that will fit. Whether you just ate a cake or just got over the flu, you have a shirt to wear. That is not the same for jeans. It’s as if your jeans decide every day not to fit you in some fashion. Blah.

I’m only harping on this because the office I work in right now is very casual so I’m stuck. It’s not casual enough to wear my giant sweatpants, which is unfortunate because I’m most efficient and creative in those, and it’s not fancy enough for dresses and dress pants. So I’m stuck rotating the two pairs of jeans that I will wear, until they rip in half. I mean, I could go jean shopping, but that is never really a fun day.

Thanks, I didn’t do anything though

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You know what’s super funny? When people congratulate you for something you had absolutely no part in. For example, since my new nephew was born, everyone keeps saying “oh! Congratulations on being an Aunt again!” I think this is funny on two accounts, first off, I’m already an aunt, so that’s not anything too different and also Congratulation to me for what? For having a brother who married a girl, who had a baby and now had another one, I had nothing to do with that! Obviously I appreciate the sentiment, and I know that truly it is a Congrats to my brother and his family and not really to me, but it just makes me laugh because it would be just as easy to say something like, “that’s so exciting!” or “Congratulations to them!” or “Cool!”
This thought also makes me think of something I’m pretty sure I heard from Seinfeld (since my mom told me I sounded like Jerry when I brought this up to her). Isn’t is funny when someone says a comment like, “your daughter is such a great writer” or “your dog is so cute” or “your boyfriend is a genius” and you say, “thank you!” That’s hilarious to me because the “thanker” again had nothing to do with their daughter’s writing skills, dog’s cuteness or boyfriend’s intelligence yet they say thanks. Like, yep, I picked out that smart boyfriend and you noticed, so a big thank-you from me.
Just another silly thought of today… from a little boredom at work.

What’s the worst job you’ve ever had?

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This was my question of the day, yesterday.

I was at work, bored, because not a whole lot of people go out to dinner on Monday nights, or in July, so Monday nights in July aren’t so busy. I ended up closing, so I was there from 4:30-12:30 and I got really bored. So I decided to entertain myself by asking my co-workers and texting my friends and inquiring about their worst jobs ever, mostly to make myself feel better about my boring night.

I actually was really entertained by all the responses I got. Survey says these jobs suck: warehouses, nannying, retail, meat packing, grave digging, cleaning rooms at an inn, and my two favorites, survey calling and grocery store shelf cleaning.

So pretty much at one point or another, your job is gonna suck. Moral of the story – when you realize that waiting on non-existant customers on a Monday night isn’t quite as bad as grave digging, you don’t have it too bad…


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