Brain Fights

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I will always advocate working out in the morning. The REAL morning. Like before the sun and the moon swap. This is because, as long as you wake up and go to the gym, you will workout harder than you would have later in the day.

This is due to the amazing theory that states, “Your mind is too tired to argue with your body.”

I may have made up that theory, but I’ve heard many versions of it before and I really do agree. I used to workout super early in college when I worked at Meredith Corp, and it was just so much easier to get up and do it then to think about it all day and eventually fight the war in your brain to go or not.

No, you don’t have that problem? Lucky you. I do. So as crazy as it seemed for me to get up at 5:30 today when my “things to do today” list consisted of: workout, do laundry, I still did it and enjoyed it.

I also enjoyed the 2-hour nap I took at 8am. It’s rainy here today anyway so it was that or bake cookies. Which I’m saving for Saturday, when I plan to make some super cute Valentine’s Day desserts.

The problem is that it’s 12:30, I already did my laundry and revamped my mom’s blog, and cleaned, and ate lunch. I feel like Ross. Which is why I’m not going to the bank until tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll just go have myself a mid-day FRIENDS marathon. That is never a problem or a brain fight.


sweatiest girl in the room


At least when you’re at the gym, it’s totally ok to hold that title. It’s not ok anywhere else, believe me, I’m an Abraham, it’s an unfortunate detail of my life.

I’m busting my butt running and going to a workout class today, like super gross style my hair looked like I just got out of the shower, but the weird thing to me was that the instructor was completely sweat-less, and this was her second class in a row teaching. Like I mentioned, I know I”m uber-sweaty, but really how is it possible to teach a 50 minute cardio class followed by a 50 minute weight class and not emit a single drop. I feel like maybe she’d botoxed her sweat glands.

I am in LA, it’s very possibly, plus she has a very plastic looking body. She’s kind of mean, but in a way that she really wants to make sure no one hurts themselves, but each time I’ve attended one of her classes, she’s singled out a woman (always over 40) and basically reams them out through the microphone, which is complete motivation to do everything as correct as possible. Today she was funny though, she said something like, “Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, squats and lunges are. I was fat til I was 30.” She has an accent so it’s funnier when she says it.

Anyway, back to the sweatlessness, does boxtox really work? is it healthy? or is is just overheating your body, don’t we sweat for a reason other than embarrassment?

I’ll google that info later, I have PLENTY of free time. So far yesterday seems like my busiest day of the week with a magazine modeling meeting and an interview for a post-production PA position, please send me your luck wishes, because I am bored, I even took a nap for two hours today just to kill time.

this is boring, but a much needed break from sending resumes

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I miss my house and all my people. And my dog.

Just wanted to get that out there. I’m almost homesick enough to fly into O’hare and pick up Westwood shifts next week. Almost is the key word in that sentence. It sucks that I was well aware of the feelings and concerns that I’d have once I arrived here, and yet they still managed to effect me. I definitely lucked out that Linda had free time this week, but for her sake I hope she’s called into work more regularly in the future.

This post is boring. Feel free to bother me at any time with questions, stories, etc to make my life more interesting. Though I’m sure tomorrow when I am a carny for 6 hours I’ll have a story or two to share.

PS: We won free month passes to a women’s gym & spa, which we activated yesterday and it’s an amazing place. The only downside is that it is about 30 minutes away, which makes me not want to go today since it’s so sunny out and I think I need more happiness inducing vitamin D in my life.

I dunno what was more fun, laundry? Or… wait, all I did today was laundry.

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Ok, I also walked a total of 6 miles and caught up on Desperate Housewives. And applied for about 200 jobs. Which leaves me SO INCREDIBLY BORED.

After a great week with my mom and a super fun weekend celebrating Linda’s birthday, you’d think a super boring Monday would be great. I think that would only be true if you had ANYTHING (well other than finding the closest US Bank) on your list of things to do Tuesday.

I’m trying to channel Michelle from a little over 2 years ago. She also had no job for a while, but was living (and mooching) at home, so financially I wasn’t nervous, I was just bored. Right now, I’m both and that sucks. Obviously I was well aware that this would happen, I absolutely understand, I just am also absolutely impatient. And did I mention bored?

I recently signed up to take a pricey, but very positive weekend bootcamp for being a host and I’m very excited about it, however it isn’t until November 12th. I’m really glad I came across it and met with the instructor last week because I think it’s a great way to bust into the business. Awesome. However, that leads me to believe not a whole lot is going to happen before then, and, well I’m already halfway through the groceries my mom bought me. Which explains the amazing relationship I’ve had with my bed and Craigslist today.

That is my pity party and rant of the day. On the plus side, Linda and I had an amazing time at the LA women’s expo yesterday, so many cool free samples and booths to play around. She actually won a $500 teeth whitening session! I won toothpaste 🙂 We spent a little more than we should, but we play on being lustery soon so we’re ok with it. (more reason for my Craigslist day). Then we went out to dinner for her bday and happened to come across a restaurant that was part of LA dining week – 1st course, entre and dessert for $26, delicious. Super filling but great way to celebrate!

In other news, Elizabeth tried on wedding dresses yesterday and sounded so excited in her HeyTell message, yay! I’m ridiculously pumped to be one of her bridesmaids. I am bummed that I won’t be able to join her for dress fittings, etc, but her message made my day 🙂

And I finally did my laundry. Thank God Bridget and I used to just go buy new socks and underwear when we were in college or else I wouldn’t have been able to hold out for so long!

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