I just realized

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that June is over in two days.

Honestly, I’ve been pretty busy, working at job 1, working at job 2, trying to obtain a job 3 to cancel out at least one of those first guys, and trying to finish crossing things off my list.

Let’s be really straight forward here, there are two items on that list that haven’t budge. Unless you count possibly going in the wrong direction, Lose 10 lbs and Unpack every box that’s still hanging out in the garage and then repack the things that can be repacked up, are not in the works.

Could they have been? Yes, well absolutely yes to the first one. I don’t have trouble losing weight because of timing, it’s because of consuming. I’m a great exerciser, which sucks, I envy people who don’t work out at all, cuz then they can just work out. Regardless, not a pity party, I have other things that I do well and that I have spent the time to focus and improve on this month, that just wasn’t one of them. Unfortunately, I really wanted it to be, so I’m just going to try again in July.

As for the unpacking, I could’ve gotten a bit done on that, but to have been able to completely cross that off my list would’ve been impossible. As mentioned above, I’ve actually been busy this month, and if and when I get to un and re-packing, I’d like to do a good job of it so that I don’t need to revisit the situation until I move again. Therefore that item will also be moved to the July to-do’s but with much less sadface emotion. There just wasn’t a good time.

What I can tell you about today is that I had a great time at both of Elizabeth’s bridal showers.

Go to Elizabeth’s Bridal Shower(s)

I initially didn’t think I would be able to make the first shower, but thanks to the bride herself, I got to spend the day at the most fun shower ever in Wisconsin at Patrick’s parents house. I mean, how many of you can actually say you’ve been to a shower that lasted until 3:30am? That’s what I thought. Only those of you who were at this one with me.

Patrick’s sister and mom did a great job country western-ing their house and celebrating the couple with a huge family BBQ. Sometimes it is really relaxing to attend an event where you know less than 5% of the other guests. There’s no pressure and it’s just fun. It also gave me time to hang out with Elizabeth more than I have recently have been able to and to give her my full bridesmaid’s attention, I only knew a few other people at the party so I was happy to help out.

Her bridal shower in Illinois was the following weekend and was also adorably decorated by some of my co-bridesmaids. Amy created a fun Newlywed game for them to play during presents and I made one of my cutest cakes ever. I also got to use my Pinterest recipe collection for an appetizer which I will Sweet Talk soon.

Both events were a fun way to celebrate one of my best buds and her favorite Packer-fan.

Even though I know this won’t be answered, if anyone knows who gave them the cardless fancy serving bowl, please let us know!


I think it’s important


to set lofty goals. If you aren’t challenging yourself, you won’t improve. That doesn’t mean you’ll be 100% successful, but it does mean you’ll be working in the right direction. Plus, sometimes just defining a goal or desire puts you in the right mindset.

On that note, I have 12 days left in June to complete my list. I’m about 98.999% sure I won’t be losing the 10 pounds I wanted to never see again, and I rather doubt the garage will be uber organized, but you know what, I have managed to cross a few important and fun things off the list and most importantly, I have a media job interview tomorrow!!!

In case you didn’t already know, this was kind of the most important item on the list. I was fearful that by moving back to Chicago, I would be taking a step back in my career. I learned a lot and made some career gains in LA and then landed home back in my jeans and work shirts and it made me nervous. Not that I’m not so incredibly thankful that Westwood let me come back, but I wanted it to be temporary. Now don’t worry that I’m getting ahead of myself, I’m not, because actually WW is only temporary right now. I started working as a Graduate Assistant at ICB 3 days a week, so I’m at 2 temp jobs and looking to swap them for a full-timer.

So I can cross this most important item off my list:

Get and go to at least one media job interview.

And guess what?? It’s at Harpo studios! You know, that little lady who turned herself into the Queen of Daytime TV and a huge media mogul? Oprah Winfrey! I only hope this is day 1 in my steps to my own TV path, maybe I can end up with Ellehicm studios.

No, I don’t think that’s a good idea. Too German sounding. Maybe marinara studios.

Wish me luck!

Free day of fun!


Enjoy the day at the racetrack

Racetrack day – done! And awesome!

I was lucky (yes, actually lucky) enough to have an amazing day in the sun this weekend, filled with fun people, frozen drinks, a caesar salad and winning $75! Those are pretty much the best things that could ever happen in one day.

I won money on four different races on Sunday including $38.60 on the final race, it was great. I had already parted with the money I was planning to spend on admission, drinks, food and gambling and the fact that I managed to win it all back could not have been more perfect. I’m still on a big budget but wanted to reward myself, ok forget that, I didn’t want to reward myself, I wanted to enjoy myself at one of my favorite places – and I did!

Aside from that awesomeness, I started as a grad assistant at broadcasting school today, I wish I could count that as my media interview or job, but I don’t think it does since they just called and asked me to work for them. Either way I said yes and I’m happy to be in the building with microphones and cameras a few hours a week. My fingers are crossed that this will get me closer to the “big girl job” I’m looking for.

The rest of my week is actually looking pretty good, movies tomorrow night with my mom (coupons of course), I’m getting my hair cut by a co-worker Thursday and I have a packed weekend with plans Friday, the first of Elizabeth’s bridal showers on Saturday and Father’s Day on Sunday.

Question of the day, per my favorite blogger, Justine, how many days can you go without washing your hair? I’m working on three right now… I think.

Sometimes you feel like vomiting, so you buy a sweatshirt

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Aside from the fact that I felt like I was gonna puke all day at work, I feel good about the list I’m making some dents in!

I had some weird stomach thing but fingers crossed that it’s gone. I came home from work and fell asleep, which always means somethings wrong with me, but I hope I knocked it out. I don’t really have time to be sick.

I’m slowly inching to cross off the “payback my parents” “lose 10 lbs” and “get a job” items. $100 to my mom after a Monday night at work is always good, I managed to stick to my new Pinterest workout plans and I’m going to start working at my Broadcasting school as a graduate assistant soon.

Also, I applied for a position I would be perfect for. It’s not exactly my dream job, but I’m actually qualified for it, and it’s with the Queen of Daytime TV. I really hope I get an interview.

I can’t cross those items off, but I do get to check-mark these two!

Baby-sit Grenning and Harrison


Sure there was block throwing and brother pushing, but hey they’re little guys. We had fun watching Monsters Inc., even though I had to reassure Grenning that I was not able to take my glasses off.

Buy this sweatshirt.


Yes, this may be the easiest thing to tackle, but hey, VS has free shipping right now, and it’s finally on sale. Double points for me.

Aside from that I won a $25 gift card to Amazon this morning – awesome.

I’m taking an hour to entertain myself with FRIENDS episodes on Nick at Night, which makes me feel so old. First of all, Nick at Night used to be Mary Tyler Moore and Dick Van Dyke, and secondly, I’m old enough to be  FRIEND, yikes.

I love my favorite show, I miss them.

Also, in case you were wondering about the funniest (yet scary at the time) post I ever wrote, Snoop is finally paying Kelly, yay!

mirror, mirror

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“the little things in life often bring us the most joy”

Those are words on a plaque in my room and they are soooo true. Currently, my room is bringing me the “most joy.” You know, I always have a new plan, and in the last year I’ve had about a million and so far I’ve only seen a handful of them through. I’m not sure if this is a bad thing or a good thing. I like to think it means that I realized all of those other plans weren’t what I wanted and instead that they drove me to the plans that I did want, which among other things included going to Broadcasting school and buying “big girl” furniture. I’m so very happy with those two plans right now that even though there are plenty of other imperfect things going on in my life, laying in my bed looking at my ginormous mirror and perfect furniture makes me very happy. On the school side of my life, I spent three hours in the studio today working on my first podcast for my dessert/music radio show, Sweet Talk with Chelle. I know, sounds ridiculously silly, but you’ll just have to check it out and be the judge when it’s time. It will be available for download on JamzOnAir.com as soon as I turn it in. I’d expect about a week or so from next Monday. Please listen and let me know what you think!

Aside from that wish me luck on dog-sitting this weekend. I’m not the biggest fan of watching my puppies through the night, so hopefully they will behave! But I don’t have to think about that yet, I’ll just stare at my mirror and be happy.

(Disclaimer: I’m not staring at myself in the mirror, just the mirror itself).

flow – spontaneous joy while performing a task

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I know, it’s been a while.

This is for a multitude of reasons. First, I’m busy, like when I used to work 60 hrs a week busy. School and work are proving to be quite a combination. I had jobs while I was in college, but the only one that came close to being this time-consuming was my apprenticeship that was also taking place of a class, and also ended at 5pm. It’s interesting to go to school all day and work all night… I dunno if I recommend it. Financially it’s actually pretty great because let’s face it, people eat and drink more at night, but physically it’s difficult and makes for pretty long days and pretty tired Michelle’s – which explains the accidental oversleeping of 1 1/2 hours this morning. I made it through the day ok, but missed my running to Rachael Ray  at 6:45.

Also, I went to Los Angeles last weekend to visit one of my bestest friends, Linda, and Cynthia. It was nice to spend some time in the palm trees with these ladies, and we went to an early halloween party one night and a karaoke bar the next night, very fun and a nice break from life.

The third reason is that I’m finding what I have to say slightly boring. I mean I still want to type it, because I like having a place to write my thoughts and typing is WAY faster than hand writing… plus I wont’ lose the pages, but I’m not sure anyone else really cares to read this, but honestly that doesn’t bug me, you aren’t forced.

Finally the best parts of the last few days were the three things that put me in “flow.” You know, “flow” is that term for when you’re so engrossed in something that time means nothing to you. It’s the greatest feeling of 100% enjoying what you’re doing.

I had this flow yesterday when I was reorganizing my room (to be finished Saturday when my new furniture comes!), this afternoon in class creating live radio snippets with Valerie and tonight concocting banana cupcakes with orange-raspberry frosting and butterfinger chip cookies for halloween. I ended up home from work super early tonight so I spent my night baking. You can read about it on NillaRose when I update.

That’s all for now, I forgot I should sleep so I don’t forget to run in the morning, good night!

I’m having a Monday Wednesday

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My radio instructor forgot to teach us how to “mixdown” when recording on Monday, which is a pretty important tool since it allows you to save as a wave file, when he realized his mistake he apologized saying he was “having a Monday.”

Well my Monday was fine but today I’m having my Monday, even though it’s Wednesday. I woke up to run this morning and after a 5 min warm-up walk, I turned my treadmill to 6.0 and 30 seconds later my bruised rib kicked in and doubled me over in pain. I don’t know what I did, but it’s not good. I had to walk the rest of the workout and could hardly breathe. I almost turned around while driving to school because turning left incited a load of pain. Although I finally have insurance again, I really don’t think it’s worth going to the doctor, is there really anything you can do for a rib injury? On top of that I had a stressful day feeling torn between work and school and balancing time. I have a plan now though (like I always do) so hopefully that will work.

On a more fun note I believe I’m going to buy a bedroom furniture set tomorrow, basically because my bedroom furniture is plastic and I decided that starting tomorrow when I decorate my sister’s bday cupcakes, I’m going to webcam nillarose episodes, so that might be entertaining.

Wish me luck on working today, I hope my Monday Wednesday ends soon!

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