does free chocolate taste better than chocolate you paid for?

That’s a dumb question. Duh. Because it’s free. I don’t have too much to say today, whoa, I know, that’s weird. Maybe it’s because my mouth is full of free Twix and Hershey miniatures. This is a January constant for me. Holidays are over and I try vehemently to stop eating crap and get back in shape. Physically – I’m rocking it at my sweaty sweaty boot camp session. Nutritionally… well, nutritionally, I am definitely getting all of my antioxidants possible. By that I mean, every berry, fruit, vegetable and twice as much chocolate as any human should consume. What can I say, I’m sweet.

Today I realized I need to bust it out and get my career on track. To do that I need to get some help. Unfortunately I know this will end up being pricey, but I need a talent agency and/or manager. I sent out ten or so emails to agencies today, while I chomp-ed on coco, and I’m hoping I will be sent in the right direction by someone.

Wish me luck.

Also, I need my haircut.


i really want a truffle

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Still jobless, which means I’m kind of money-less. Well, I mean not entirely, I am my dad’s daughter, so I have a substantial chunk in the bank, because it’s a pretty Abraham train to be cheap and a deal-hunter, however it also means that if I can justify “wasting” money on something (dad-sale priced old style, me-sale priced wine or chocolate, both of us-lottery tickets) then it’s ok.

This explains why I ran out of food today, yet I justified spending $50 Saturday night with my roommates and Sarah in Hollywood and Universal City, because, well, what else was I gonna do? Sit home alone again, I don’t like myself that much.

It’s very weird to have money in the bank but none coming in, it’s almost like every purchase deserves an entire day to consider (which I have since I’m doing nothing but cleaning and applying for jobs).

I think I spent five entire minutes in the lettuce aisle today. I mean, do I really need spinach if they’re out of the economy bag? And I absolutely don’t need to pay for the word organic, I’m kinda gross anyways so it probably won’t make a difference. In the midst of these thoughts, I had a few more (of course). #1 – a budget is a great diet plan. I mean, unfortunately for my sweet tooth, I really can’t afford to buy candy or ice cream or any other michelle-favorite splurges because then I’d be hungry, ergo I spend my grocery money on things that will actual fill me and keep me healthy, but at the same time, having no job makes me want them so much more! When you have nothing to do but try to find a job and you’re not even sure what you’re looking for, chocolate and ice cream seem like a dream you can fulfill!

Which brings me to #2 – I kind of understand how unemployed people are can become fat and alcoholics. I mean, don’t worry, the fact that I’m aware of this means I will continue my 4 mile walk/runs and I promise to buy the spinach and not the ice cream, but seriously, a great cure for boredom is sugar and wine. I know most of you reading know what I’m talking about. Ironically Liquor Store Blues in playing on my Pandora.

So luckily, I have things to do the rest of the week.

My mom is visiting tomorrow-Friday, so I’ll have someone to keep me company instead of my current solo days. And luckily for me, if she’s paying I might be able to justify the wine and chocolate.

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